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  1. DIY Hack

  2. DIY Hack

    You can use GameGem or maybe another program to change your Exp. Waiting to see if I can change Gold but have to find a way to earn more.
  3. DIY Hack

    Couldn't find repo and the current LocalIAPStore doesn't work for it either.
  4. Request

    Can't someone just take a look please?
  5.  Hack

    Testing Not what I was looking for but thanks?
  6. Testing
  7. Can someone explain the instant managain? What exactly does this do as I'm not seeing it when I do missions or know what exactly it is I'm looking for? Thanks
  8. Same, being forced now to update game @Mayaxaya
  9.  Patcher Hack

    Testing Infinite ammondoes crash the game. No reload works for the weapons I have and the always jump feature works as well. Seen some folks with this hack in the game as they were always jumping haha. Thanks
  10. Request

  11.  Patcher

    I'm having the same issue. I deleted the game then reinstalled it and it works fine. I've kept the game at version 2.0 for the hack. It's seems to crash at start up when I upgrade the mining tools all the way to 210. Doing some more tests to see if anything else makes it crash at start up.
  12.  Hack

    Let's take a look at this
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