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  1. Request FUN HOSPITAL

    Y'all know you want this game and a hack for it as well.
  2. Request FUN HOSPITAL

  3. Request [VIP] Idle Heroes 1.9.10

    Nothing yet huh?
  4. Mini golf King v2.03 [Game Breaking Cheats] AMR64 Only

    They aren't the ones in the settings menu. You have to do the finger tap in the game for the hack menu.
  5. Mini golf King v2.03 [Game Breaking Cheats] AMR64 Only

    Nevermind, it just magically appeared.
  6. Mini golf King v2.03 [Game Breaking Cheats] AMR64 Only

    After downloading, the features in my settings only say NameSwitch 1, NameSwitch 2, etc. which one is which and also what do you mean by "Massive Guide Line"? Massive as in it goes all the way to the hole or Massive as it just twice as big? I don't think I'm seeing these features for the hack and tried the finger tap in the game just to make sure. @0xS14T3R
  7. Request FUN HOSPITAL

  8. Request FUN HOSPITAL

    We need a hack for this please. Game is fun.
  9. Request FUN HOSPITAL

    Please oh please, this game is fun and I'm sure someone can figure out something. Anything or everything would be nice. Even something with money or gems would be ideal.
  10. WatchESPN +1

    @r0r0 doesn't work. When I click on anything it says unable to play video.
  11. Flex ESPN Player Premium

    Does this still work? Let's see.....
  12. @DiDA version 0.10.0 is in the store now
  13. @ZahirSher you're the best for this. Thank you so much. So glad to have this back.
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