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  1. Request Landlord Real Estate Tycoon 1.3.8

    Please, this game could be a lot of fun with something. LocalAPStore, IGG, GameGem, and changing the date on your phone does not work.
  2. Just want to see what this is all about
  3. iTunes 3 $10 codes giveaway

    What I want for Christmas is happiness and a great life for my daughter who I have full custody of and to find the time to go after her mom to get my child support only because I could use that $1200/year haha.
  4. Thanks, bow works again. Also since free buying doesn't work and you need gold to buy boosts to level up faster, just turn unlimited energy off and run around until you have to buy some. Then once you get 120 buy the supplies in the store and bam, you're on your way to a gold rush. Just FYI just incase but no one reads the comments and just says thanks so don't expect anyone to read this.
  5. If your phone is jailbroken then get something called App Admin in Cydia. This will let you, from the App Store, downgrade to a previous version or any version of the game. All you do is hold the OPEN button and it will bring up a menu and you tap Downgrade. Some games force updates so when you downgrade to an older version, once you open up the game it will force you to update to newest version.
  6. I did test it, only had one person in there and he was level 50 and seemed to be faster than me at level 90. This was in co-op and before I was maxed out there were 3-5 others in there with me. Great hack but this game seems lame. Thought it would be cool but all you do is run around hunting animals. Not sure why so many people like this game in the App Store.
  7. But now it seems everytime I play I'm the only one in the game/room/server
  8. The game is 1.2.1 and the hack, the one I got from this page, is 1.2.1 So it looks like the only thing that works is everything max feature. You have to turn in on then turn it off. Seems to be working so far but the other features did nothing for me but glitch the game.
  9. @K_K this seems to be very glitchy. Movement speed didn't seem to work as well as never die and high damage. I got killed my a raccoon in one hit. Then when I respawned I still looked dead but was able to move around even though my body laid on the ground the whole time. After that my attacks didn't work.
  10. DIY Hack Candy Crush Soda Saga [all Versions]

    Did it work?
  11. I wonder why a lot of us are having issues with it then on top of other problems.
  12. @ZahirSher being forced to update to 4.2.2. Can we please get an update soon pretty please with sugar on top? Thanks in advance.
  13. Mod Menu Hack [IGMM] WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game v1.5.0 +3 Cheats

    Works great. Thanks so much
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