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  1. Please update. Being forced to update to 4.1 @ZahirSher
  2. Mod Menu Hack Alien Creeps TD v2.12.0 [Game Breaking Cheats 10+]

    @DiDA forced to update game and this no longer works
  3. Testing Works well. Thanks so much
  4. DIY Hack Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare +8

    Works great. I used IGG
  5. Request Ark Of War (AOW)

  6. Request Castle Revenge

  7. Request Trainstation IOS App

    Let's make this happen
  8. Request Castle Revenge

    Please. $25 to whoever can figure Unlimited Gold/Mana
  9. Solved Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    Use the search bar or look under VIP cheats. It's been hacked already but for VIPs only. @DiDA
  10. Request Castle Revenge

    Tried LocalAPStore, GameGem and IGG to no luck. Speed boost from GameGem works for a little then starts acting up and restarts the game and puts timers back to where they were. This is a pretty fun game and I'm sure someone can figure something out. Again, thanks in advance.
  11. You will have your account locked once you reach level 6. Tried multiple times.
  12. Request Castle Revenge

  13. Request Castle Revenge

    No one?
  14. Request Castle Revenge

    Name of app you want hacked: Castle Revenge Version of the app: 1.1.1 iTunes URL for the app: https://appsto.re/us/0r53cb.i Requested features: Anything possible please Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Thank you!
  15.  Hack Battle Islands: Commanders v1.3.8 +2 [Currency Hack]

    Took me awhile but works great. Thanks And now my account is locked So I had to wipe the game but once I opened the game again, as soon as I went to battle it said my account was locked. So I signed out of GameCenter, wiped the game, opened it back and it works. It seems as soon as I installed the hack my account was locked but I'm retesting this as I played for half a day buying Gold/Supplies/Boxes and never had an issue. Update in a few days. Update: Didn't take long to have it happen again. Seems once I get to level 6 is when it gets locked. Who else is having issues?
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