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  1. works, but it is detected sinse v2.2.2 and anyone uses getting banned. confirmed by many. since it si working from only jailbroken or rooted phones or emulators and they have a way of detecting jailbroken software and phones.
  2. Definiately known by Ubisoft. got me banned.
  3. this game is so easy, i dont see why ppl need hack for it. anyway will give it a try
  4. v2.2 is out. this is outdated at the moment
  5.  Hack Spegeli Pokemon Go Bot | Updated API

    is this still on or pokefarmer should be used instead?
  6.  Hack FREE NETFLIX [january 8 2017]

    lik for some reason is not working. is this scam proof?
  7. Any change getting this for 'a'droid?
  8. on android this needs root, then copy modified lib and cover up root kingroot your friend for this unfortunately neither nox nor statck working. for some reason emulators not handling well the modded lib file
  9. for me using stacks or nox would be more comfortable. does it work on a different way to sovle the emulation for them or the emulator invokes the lib on a different way so that is the reason for the failure?
  10. i mean not that we need emulator support butthere is clearly a maket from it as i see in the posts
  11. question is will it be suppoerted later for stacks or any emulator question is will it be suppoerted later for stacks or any emulator
  12.  Hack Gangstar Vegas v3.4.1 Cheats +20

    super working
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