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  1. The guys that run this site and create the mods do care about us and their mods, @DADi @Joka and all the other guys work very hard to produce and do their best to update their mods when ever there is an update to the game. In fairness each of these guys have multiple mods/hacks they are controlling at once and they are very reasonable at updating their games.
  2. There was an update and zahir updated the hack but there was an issue with it. You couldn’t do any damage whatsoever to any defences. Zahir is probably working on the hack trying to figure it out or it has been completely taken out of the App Store because there is no longer any workable godmode hack. We shall see
  3. Not sure if you know @Zahirbut with the newest updated hack we have godmode but we are unable to do any damage to any defence at all. 😊
  4. Hello I am currently having a couple issues with my game. For a few days now I have been unable to access the radio tower in my base at all to access clans. Previous to a few days ago everything was working fine. On top of that all the AI bases have disappeared off the map, they are no where to seen for days aswell. I am not sure if this is related or not. The final thing that is happening is no matter what gun I use, no matter how long I shoot it I am unable to do a single bit of damage to the big one when raiding someone’s base. Just wondering if if I am the only one having these issues, if my account has been restricted or if anyone knows of a fix. Video of my game thanks
  5. I am currently having a couple issues with the game last day on earth and I’m not sure if it’s the hack or just my account. For the last couple days I have not been able to access my radio tower (to access clans) it’s still in the home base but I just can’t access it... All the player bases which have always been on world view have now disappeared completely but I can still raid other bases. precious to the last couple days everything was working fine. also no matter what weapon I use, no matter how many times I shoot at the big one when raiding a base it doesn’t do a single damage to him. Thanks
  6. Yes, I was definitely doing something wrong. I got the devices and emails mixed up. My bad. All sorted thanks
  7. I have just received the email to download the IOS app + and I have tried to follow the steps listed in the email but I think I am doing something wrong? Everytime I try to install the app in settings (profile) it opens up safari and I kill it (close it) but still the app doesn’t install. I have also let safari load and it comes up with access forbidden. I am sure I am doing something wrong just don’t know what it is
  8. Wondering if this can be done. There is a few requests already so won’t post another one 😂 can this game be hacked? Or is it unhackable. Thanks guys 🙏🏼 @Joka @DiDA
  9. Got it working finally. Due to my lack of patience i wasn't waiting long enough. I finally got them downloaded. Homescapes got stuck for approx 30 minutes on the .strings then finally completed. Hopeless Land got stuck for approx 35 minutes on .strings then completed. They are getting stuck on the last step. not sure why but they work, Future notice to anyone who runs into this issue.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am having some issues trying to download a couple apps. I have tried many things to resolve these issues with no luck finding a fix. I don't believe that it is an issue with the IPA due to others being able to install the same IPA's as I am trying to install. I have: • Tried multiple apple ID sign-in's • I have deleted ID's on Impactor • I have Revoked all certificates • I have tried to re-install multiple times • Tried re-installing Cydia Impactor I have installed other apps without hassle like: Westland, Live or Die and so forth. The apps I am trying to install are along with the location they get stuck forever: Homescapes: Hopeless Land For Survival: @Joka Both getting stuck on .strings... coincidence or something wrong with my impactor? if anyone knows a fix to this, Would be much appreciated. Thanks
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