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  1. Nope. No 3rd party tweaks. Anyway, I decided just to go with the longer way - download with Safari, find the file, share to Filza and them proceed as usual. Bah. Too bad!
  2. Hey guys and gals, So, Apple Arcade is here, and with it some great games. In particular, I got disappointed that Cat Quest II couldn’t be downloaded independent from a subscription. I just wanted this one game. Not to pay a monthly fee! So, what is the truth behind Arcade? We won’t be having any of those titles in community’s app, for instance? Is it even possible to do so? What are your thoughts? My case is of someone who likes to play now and then, not having dozens of games and so on. If I pay a subscription and only play this ONE game, if I spend 3 or 4 months playing it, then I’d have paid all that money for ”one game”, really. It just doesn’t make sense for ME. Another thing, also, is the possibility of hacking an Arcade game. Is it possible? Is a great part of those games kept online in some way, like levels being downloaded as you go? Sorry, I haven’t even gotten into the free trial month, ‘cause I know I won’t pay for it and don’t wanna get hooked then disappointed at the end of the free month. So, what are your thoughts?
  3. Hello all, I got filza installed, I went to download a deb file from here and Safari keeps sending it to iCloud Drive. In previous JBs/iOSes I never had to change anything for this to happen, a message popped up asking "Download with Filza" and that was it! Anything new I gotta do? Thanks!
  4. Whoops... downloaded game today and this needs update.... man, wanted to test this out badly.....
  5. Thanks!! I've tested the two first hacks, working just fine. Haven't tested the Gain XP yet because of the "Game might become slow, save, restart" thing. hahaha Maybe I can just gain a bit more XP and disable it, before pumping the cards to the Max? I don't wanna ruin the game completely anyway...
  6. Now on v 1.8.1 Came late for the Sonic Dash hype, both 1 and 2. Both need updates, if possible. Will wait and see.... who knows??
  7. Yep, bump for this one! I'm Oldschool. 😛
  8. This doesn’t work on the latest version. Crashes the game and you have to uninstall the shop hack, reboot the device and start the game again so you can play again.
  9. Ok, I did try it before by turning off the hack (free store). Didn't work. Just tried uninstalling the hack, installed the game, downloaded the update and crash, same problem as always. I need to find a way to totally clean up the keychains of something for this game, I guess. I found this thread here about cleaning keychains for specific games. It's named for unbanned, but since it cleans up stuff, should be good for my case. Problem IS, I can't figure out how to SEARCH for specific keychains. I don't want to erase ALL of them since that will cause me major problems with system and other games. EDIT: Ok, here's what I did - I had to restart the phone, thus disabling JB totally. Game started ok. What I will do now is REenable my JB (electra) and see if I can still play. Will also enable Liberty Lite before trying, just to be sure. Will come back as soon as I test this. EDIT 2.0: YES!!!! It worked! JB active, first thing enabled Liberty Lite for Blades, started game.... (tension) YES!! Workinnnng! Aaaand, my savegame is still there. Hope this helps anybody running into the same or similar problems.
  10. Nice! Is there a way to search for keywords so I can delete a certain entry for another game other than gameloft? For instance, something like: SELECT * FROM genp 'enter a keyword here" I tried that, but doesn't work. Maybe it's another syntax? Thanx! What do you think @DADi ?
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