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  1. Oh, this would be a good one! Bump!
  2. Maaaaaan, the developer of the game is going nuts!! update after update, one day after another! Wow.... o.O
  3. Waaaaaaa...?! They made it 1.6.0 now! Geez! Updates have been coming too frequently, right @DanYal ?
  4. Ok, is it just ME or the "Enemies Auto Die" not working? It makes the enemies come down quickly without giving me a chance to attack. Gonna remove the tweak totally and reinstall to see if it fixes. Could be some residue from the previous version. EDIT: Nope. Continues as described.
  5. Whopsss.... yeah, 1.5 in da house! Hope Dan's ****magick***** continues to grant us wishes....
  6. Hummmmm.... - ingame error message - closes game - enable liberty lite - game gives black screen - respring doesn’t help uninstalled hack any ideas why I got this? 13.4.1 here. Checkra1n 0.10.1 EDIT: Seems like this developer did a good job detecting Hacks and bypasses. Not sure if the new KernBypass would work - but since it IS a lower level customization, one must be very cautious. Plus, reports of users on KernBypass show some problems. It's new, gotta wait more and see.
  7. @Zahir My game crashes with the hack. I got Checkra1n and 13.2.2 - any chance this get’s updated? It works fine on 12.x. thanks!!
  8. What would be a word to describe this community? Incredible? Friendly? Helpful? Amazing? Sorry, I just can’t settle on ONE alone. For I think of this small part of the internet and their owners, visitors, friends... absolutely all of the above! A fantastic crew and contributors, always nice to answer so many questions. Man, I could go on, really... So, I’m gonna end here. No, not end. Continue with this great community, helping as I can along the way. You guys and gals ROCK!! Thanks for everything and a Happy New Year for all os us, our families and, why not, everyone!! See y’all next year!!!!!!
  9. Ok. I'm talking with some people over in Reddit about DynamicLibraries in MobileSubstrate to see if Apple changed anything from 13.2.2/13.2.3 over to 13.3. Also, there could be some difference in Checkra1n 0.9.5 (the one I use) and the newer 0.9.7. If I discover anything, I'll check back, information is always useful! In time, I could just upgrade to 13.3 and use the latest Checkra1n.... just haven't gotten around to it yet. Ya know... end of the year festivities.... 😛
  10. Sorry, nope. Updated here, 13.2.3, nothing happens with activated hack.
  11. Strange, doesn’t work for me. Right version of the game and hack. iOS 13.2.3 though. When completing a phase, game Freezes. I do have Sky Force (first game) and the hacks works fine.... Any clue to this @Laxus ? oh, and Merry Xmas to all!!!! Yep, gaming before the food - haha.
  12. Nope. No 3rd party tweaks. Anyway, I decided just to go with the longer way - download with Safari, find the file, share to Filza and them proceed as usual. Bah. Too bad!
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