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  1. When I install this hack, it gets stuck on "GeneratingApplicationMap" and no matter how long I wait, it does not move... So is there something I'm not doing right? Can't seem to get past this..
  2. Tried the hacked version and it didn't work for me so I'll test this one out.
  3. I'll be able to make the video in about 3-4 days, I have exams tomorrow and the day after, have to study
  4. I'm not sure why it's not working for some people, It's working perfectly for me, I'll make a video in a bit to clear up the problems & good luck on your finals
  5. Don't paste a lot at once, paste like 4-5 at a time I'll make one a couple of days, I'm really busy with school right now, have final exams coming up
  6. It still works, I just tested it right now.. Maybe you are doing something wrong?
  7. What errors? Everything is thoroughly explained, some people just don't know how to follow instructions. Also there are no errors, I follow all these steps and it still works perfectly for me.
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