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  1. Dopest I hope you already know what to expect when using a hack. Literally says on the post• •We Are not responsible for ban. •Dont use this hack on your main acct.
  2. Reason why we’re fact checking you is because I have a whole clan that uses this hack and none of us are banned yet. I think your device is blacklisted by Tencent. If you get a 10min ban, don’t play for the next 7 days. When get back on after 7 days delete the app and redownload and play the app for 1 day without hacks.
  3. Dopest i think you should read the latest Anti-Cheat measure they have. Onces one of your acct is banned it will register in the system that your device is use for hacking. It don’t matter what new acct you make or how many you’ve made, once your device is registered you’ll get banned if there’s a single report. So there’s only two things you can do, 1. Quit playing the game or 2. rejailbreak and Restore, and don’t abuse the hack.
  4. @Max-Q Thanks for the cheat and everything man, but is it possible to revive Metal Q-Vision? It’s something some of us love to use.
  5. Add him on discord. Sgt_of_Valhalla#0647 he’s pretty good.
  6. I stayed away from the Achiement hack and used the freeze resources only. You can use unlimited summoning and Open Unlimited Legendary Boxes.
  7. Yeah I’ve been only using freeze resources and 4 days now and still no ban!
  8. Unban Acct. 1- When banned, Use AppManager and wipe data. Then don’t open the app again. 2- Delete the App 3- Redownload App 4- Do not open the app yet, go to AppManager and Wipe Data again. 5- Open App. Tested with 10 Different Accts! and my last acct has still yet to be banned!
  9. Note. If you don’t wanna get banned don’t use - Max Lvl - Infinite Gold - Infinite XP - 50x above Attack and Defense Safe Hack -Freeze Resources (EZ High Lvl Hero’s if you know how to use it! But don’t go higher than Herioc unless you’re lvl 40+) -2x Speed -
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