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  1. I know there are many like : ldoe, jurassic, wildlands, grim soul etc. but what’s the best one out of them all atm? So far online elements are only in prey day or?
  2. Isn’t this the best survival? If so please update this. If not tell me what is the best? By the looks prey day is the only online one and looks the best.
  3. both no recoil codes doesnt do the trick for me, anyone else had problems with no recoil? and no grass aswell? (looks like overwriting too many variables)
  4. is there a way to load all those things at ones/save them? will be a pain loading everything manually each time. i know there is some save address function with igg but it doesn't save upon relaunch.
  5. Hey man you are AWSOME, thank you for sharing it with us for free UNLIKE some other people who tried to scam us over for a few codes. You deserve BIG LIKE for that.
  6. are you guys sure the attribute hack works at all? it didnt worked for me before neither now. is anyone else knows what up with that if its broken ?
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