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  1. Ah damn. Maybe I'll get an iphone and mod for it. I made the mod for android on a couple sites. im new to this site
  2. Good find man. I found a game that used classes.dex to store all the game values. where did you learn smali code?
  3. I was going to say, this looked exactly like Andros words on his site lol until I saw the credits at the end
  4. For IOS games you cant mod like Android? Using GG is time consuming
  5. oh, you guys dont custom create your own menu from injection through .dll?
  6. did you create the cheat menu yourself from scratch source code?
  7. random question. you seem like you have a lot of knowledge modding. have you ever dumped a file using Gameguardian and tried converting the recovered .bin fil to .dll?
  8. Hey I was wondering, I made an infinite loop of the shooting sequence in a game called Gunboundm. It will stall the game out and freeze the shot timer. You are given 20 seconds to shoot before it's the enemy players turn. But I branched the sequence to itself over and over, so on enemy player screen, they see my mobile character as frozen and thinks the game has glitched or they lagged out because there is no action happening. Is this considered a mod or a lag hack? and is it postable for public release?
  9. this is for downloading games that arent available to our country right? but does it reduce lag though?
  10. Has anyone ever dumped a file using GDB and got the ptrace error not permitted problem? You can bypass it by attaching to a clone pid using "ls -l" but when you dump a clone process, you get every file except the Assembly-CSharp.dll after recovering the file. Am I attaching to the wrong clone process? Thanks
  11. I never got this to work. Is it patched?
  12. Hey DiDa am I able to private message you about something? Its making a branch to a function that uses MOV R0, #9999. Can I use the same branch over and over for multiple functions? or does every function have its own specified branch. For example, I turned a 8 byte cave into MOV R0, R4 BX LR can I use the same offset of the 8 byte arm code i created for anything? or can the cave only be used once
  13. Ive literally been using that site for the last 2 months. I didnt know you guys were the creators lol. Sorry Im noob here at IOSGODS
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