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  1. Yes, the lib files are what contain the features of the hack. So first erase the current lib files and then place the modded lib files in the lib folder - then you'll be good to go.
  2. Sorry you're still having issues, let's try a couple of things and hopefully #fingerscrossed we can get it to work. So one thing I want you to double check is how much space does your file management program say you are using. So with ES File Explorer I can see towards the top my 'Internal Storage' and my 'System' storage. Even though I have 2 SSD's and 1 HDD in my computer with a total of almost 6TB's the Emulator will actually only go by the amount of space depending on the "phone" we are "using" with the emulator. So when I go to the 'Root Checker' app I can see that my device is the 'XT1052 v4.4.2' and back on ES File Explorer I see that I have a total of 15.98GB of Internal Storage and 7.75GB of System storage that the emulator is allowing. We're not going to do anything with that but we I am just curious as to what your says since you have mentioned the "no more space" error as well. So just take note of those two storage numbers. Ok so lets clear the cache for LDoE within your emulators - both of them I guess. So I'm wondering if there are files that are leftover from whenever and it might be causing some sort of a conflict. Open your emulators and go to your Settings, for BS3 its inside the 'System app' folder on the main page, and for NOX its at the bottom of the main page. Click on Apps, go to LDoE, then "Clear Cache." Make sure you have no other previous versions of the LDoE apk saved anywhere within your file management program. Then uninstall the game and reinstall it clean without mods and see if it plays then. Another option to do if the previous step doesn't work will be to do the same but with the GooglePlay app itself since it very well may be an issue with the GP app - maybe not, but worth trying if nothing else is working. We can either 'Clear Cache' and see what happens first, or you can select 'Clear Data' which will completely delete the data saved from the GP store app to your emulator. It will automatically reinstall the data once you restart the emulator or select the GooglePlay app again. If all else fails you can completely uninstall the GP app by selecting 'Uninstall Updates' with the same way as before to bring it back up to date fresh. So I say start from the top of this post and work your way down. Lets find out how much space your file management says you have, then go ahead and clear the LDoE cache followed by a fresh, clean, install. Then if needed you can slowly work your way through the GP app steps, checking to see if the game works before moving to the next thing. Keep at it, keep us updated, and we'll see if we can get it working. We can at least try right?
  3. Hey thanks man I really do appreciate the kind words As far as downgrading the GP store I'm not sure if it would affect the apps but if it is reverting GP to a previous version then it might be doing the same thing to the apps, and I guess it could be possible that in doing so it could mess up or "confuse" some of the files - which in turn could make it appear to cause issues with the emulator or the file management program you are using. Just brain-storming though as I'm not 100% sure on that since I've never tested downgrading the GP store. But yeah maybe just a fresh install of Nox and/or BS3 with updated versions of both just to clean up some files and have a fresh start should get you fixed up. Keep us updated!
  4. Yeah there must be some sort of a conflict since like you said its working just fine without the modded lib files. And I checked on GooglePlay and there has not been an update since the 14th - which is when they slipped that silent one in on us. Yes Diversityy's lib files are for the latest available APK file, so I guess double check when you go to this site https://apkpure.com/last-day-on-earth-survival/zombie.survival.craft.z that you are downloading the top file. There are two 1.6.4 both for the date of Oct 14th, you'll want to use the top one - which I know you know what you're doing so that's probably the one you're using anyways - but I guess just to be extra sure. I also like to play the game for about 30 seconds right after the fresh install - just to make sure all appropriate files are created, and then I close and swap out the files. Give it another run and lets see what you get, let us know Are you still having issues with your game or did you get it resolved?
  5. Have not heard of this issue. So you're saying that whether you download it from the GooglePlay store directly or use the APKPure file you get the "install app fail" error message?
  6. Need to wait for the update. LDoE put out a silent patch, a 1.6.4 version 2 so-to-speak... probably just a performance or bug patch.
  7. There are two versions of 1.6.4, so the current lib files will not work for the latest 1.6.4. We're waiting on an update of the lib files for the latest apk. I suspect it's coming soon...
  8. It's not really a bug, your weapons will never go below that halfway point while using the hack. No worries.
  9. The game has updated to 1.6.4 version 2. Which is why it is not working. They added a silent update yesterday, so the current lib files will not work. I've informed Diversityy, lets just patiently wait for him to get it updated. He says it will be updated today.
  10. Yeah no problem, those bastards like to do that from time to time. lol So yeah it seems to be an issue on APKPures end. Every other file they have for previous updates downloads but that specific one keeps giving a 'Failed - Network Error.' No big deal, we can just wait for tomorrow
  11. The game has updated to 1.6.4 version 2. Which is why it is not working. They added a silent update today, so the current lib files will not work. I've informed Diversityy, lets just patiently wait for him to get it updated.
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