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  1. Doesn’t work for me does nothing but crash can’t use any of the mods any ideas how to fix?
  2. Hey @Laxus 


    appreciate all the work with the 7ds global hack so far


    is there any chance it’s possible to add a hp multiplier like you did with damage? Either the same way or percentage based ?

    1. DarkMoxinho


      Laxus almost never answer anyone xd

  3. I have been using the mod constantly since release on the same account with no ban I don’t use it on stupid things where you are involved with other players have had 0 issues
  4. Lol you must not have any idea what your doing this works perfectly and has for weeks clearly user Error here. if you post your issue we could help but don’t warn people away from a perfectly working cheat lol
  5. Somethings wrong, @Laxus woke up this morning and my game won’t load with kern bypass and the cheat installed any idea ? Have tried completely re nail breaking and reinstalling everything fresh even the app
  6. @Laxus Hey! Can you send me a message please I have something I want to discuss with you I wish to pay you for your time!
  7. Thanks is infinite mp supposed to be stamina? If so it’s not working for me could I get clarification on what infinite mp is supposed to be
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