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  1. So I got quidd, I logged out of my account to use on my iPhone which went fine. But my partner wanted to use her quidd on this device but I get Ive deleted all files. Even used the udid changer and it still knows it's registered to this device. Anyone know away around this?
  2. Hey! sick and tired of going through each account one by one and not finding a active account? Look no further! Add if you haven't already to your cydia repos: http://julio.xarold.com/ search for Netflixchecker now copy and paste all the accounts press start and it gives you all the working and dead accounts Credits: Julioverne
  3. @DiDA when you get time can you please update this to 1.5.2 merry Christmas muchly greatful!
  4. Can we please get a update for this? or is there one in the Vip section
  5. Hey community! Need some help with getting DirectTV to work on my JB ipad here in oz. HOW TO DO IT? 1. Need a copy of the IPA from the usa store 2. Need a program that tricks the DirectTV app into im not jailbroken 3. Do i need some sort of a good VPN service on my ipad to trick DirectTV to think im in the USA? Ifr anyone has the latest IPA for the ipad app that would be great and also advice on getting around Geolocation and jailbreak restrictions
  6. This grinds my gears *No PUN intended* This user is just a VIP member of the legendary Damar1st hacks World of Tomorrow VIP Tool <---See link if you want to, but you must become a VIP but why would you when IOSgods has the same sort of hack. He has taken full credits to be able to do this when the real brains behind this tool is @damar1st Im not trying to take traffic away from IOSgods i full support this site, i think the OP should have at least gave credits to the rightful ower of this tool
  7. Thanks tried that. Even tried to install this game on a totality different device under a different apple id. Still stuck on same message
  8. help please sent message


  9. @DiDA i know prob no one cares about this game but as stated above but my gf is busting my balls to get this to work. It gets stuck on verifying application with cydia impactor. Usually in the past especially with jailbreaks when impactor stays on this the app still installed. In this case with this game it does not. When and if you get time can you look at this hack to why it gets stuck please?
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