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Marc McGee

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  1. Please delete if not allowed on here :) Firstly i see this question asked everywhere on the internet with no real resolotion. Power went out the other day and of course the jailbreak was not on the Appletv anymore. Anyway the version of Xcode i had on Catalina wsa out of date as my AppletvOS is on 13.4.6 (it actually discovered the appletv) just wouldnt allow me to install things. So i went to the app store got the new Xcode. Now i cant gt it to discover the apple in Xcode! does not matter what i change in VMware(i should have said that earlier) like Bridged, VMnet0 it does not show up. Anyone else with this issue? i have reset my apple tv, restarted macos so many times just cant pick it up. Thanks if any help!
  2. I would love to get a coins hack for this. You can’t even earn them because it detects jailbroken. Even if you use unsub liberty lite and shadow
  3. It’s all good now. I had to delete it and press more sources on Cydia a home page and install big boss from there. It won’t let you manually add it. Weird but fixed. This can we closed now
  4. Strange I’m using this link my internet is good I might switch to 4G see if that works http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/
  5. Hey y’all for days now I get a Cydia error that bigboss times out or could not be found. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Thankyou. This worked. You are a lifesaver.
  7. I’m on 13.3 jailbroken at the moment. Is it worth updating to 13.5. My biggest issue is having to download all the tweaks again. or just stay on 13.3?
  8. Ok I got it working on 12.4 A12 by using this version of AppStore++ that I found on reddit https://cokepokes.github.io/deb/com.cokepokes.appstoreplusplus_0.9.5_iphoneos-arm.deb which is odd as the latest version is 0.9.7 so anyone else with this issue on 12 use the above deb
  9. Your solution worked on my partners 12.1.1 where AppStore++ worked fine and downgraded outlook and works! But AppStore++ just crashes on me when I try to downgrade I’m on 12.4
  10. Yeh I thought about doing that but that tweak for me crashes! I’ll give it a go again today and get back here thanks mate I’ll give it a try
  11. Hey, is anyone else having a issue where outlook just crashes upon load? I’m on uncover 12.4. Partners phone is doing the same. Restarted phone in non jailbroken state and works fine? thanks if any help
  12. You have been there for me since early days, you have enabled me to learn and tweak and hack the sh** out of my device. For this I love you until the end of time. Happy Thanksgiving!
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