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  1. Hey klab is detecting users who “mod” guild quests by looking at the score achieved. They’ve heard peoples complaints about folks achieving really high scores. Not sure how they are detecting it, but I will test out a few alt accounts. I am not sure what their criteria is for it, but I’ll update this message as I learn more. could you pin this message as to let others know?
  2. The auto update deb works...install that one and it will update with every game
  3. Yes only applicable to hero’s...orcs do. Or. I usually used saurmon and carnan to prevent melee hero’s from using their abilities or ZOG from generating might.
  4. no. it did not work on 1.8.1 and same for 1.8.2. I was just commenting on the auto update feature.
  5. I can confirm on an iPad Pro iOS 9.3.2 the auto update works. I was playing original 1.8.1 version it worked...then updated to 1.8.2 and it still worked. Sweeeeeet do this for all games!!!
  6. He absolutely is trolling you. Game forces updates
  7. See if you can fix the crash after making the update 😂😂 we got impossible guild quests scores to attain! 😂😂
  8. What's up with update? You guys trying to fix a bug or something?
  9. I can't seem to apply the coupon....its greyed out @DiDA
  10. Not sure how to reproduce it...I can try to send a video....but it just rando happens.
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