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  1. Auguri IOSGod! @DiDA YOU ARE THE BEST! CONTINUE TO BE THE GOD CHEATER PLEASE❤️❤️ Again happy birthday to all😂😂
  2.  Hack [DiY] Cover Fire +4

    Lets try

    I wanttttt itt :Q_-_------- @Zimon @Zimon i wantttttttt itt toooooo PLEASEEEE I WANTTT 5 ACCOUNTTTTSAAAAASSSSSSS @Zimon thanks andddd sorry but im high😂
  4. Don't use it online mode will cause crash for fix it and win the reward anyways just close the game and open it again, the game will ask u for resuming ur quest then press yes auto win for u and the other players. Use on weekend event or abuse the hack will cause you the ban And i think the solution for a clean installation of the hack is to install the game then start the hack during the download phase... hope will help someone
  5. Need updatee❤️ PLEASE @DiDA
  6.  Hack [VIP] Summoners War 3.3.0 +7

    @Amuyea Maybe was a coincidence but thanks❤️ U make me this lazy stoner the most happy in the virtual world😂 Need to test, but im sure will work
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