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  1. @DiDA thanks for the great work! hack v. 3.7.8-2 works though i wish (for x-mas) that first turn hack would work in mid-fight... you know, when u get caught ungarded and want to win by doing first turn
  2. hmm this updated hack makes my game freeze with these settings: anti ban + max acc + no skill cd. tried arena and scenario. ios 9.3.3 ip 6 @DiDA
  3. dang. didnt read your tip on fix regarding notification. i did a new game install and can play now. ill try install hack
  4. my game keeps telling me that there is an update avaible... i know! i have updated to 3.7.8 but game wont load due the notification!? ive tried uninstall hack- not helping. reinstall hack - not helping. what to do here? wait for a fix or make new install for the game? @DiDA
  5. @DiDA something wrong with the mod/server? the mod wont load on game v 3.7.3 it worked yesterday with mod v ive tried both v & .4- both not working? I'm sry! there is a game v 3.7.4 hmm. game 3.7.4 and mod 3.7.4 doesnt work? cant open the mod solved! i made a "hard restart" of my phone and mod is opened again but i get the same crashes like mod v. 3.7.3 so far i get the crash if i set it to first turn and then turn 1st off again (during an arena battle - havent tried other places) it will crash even if i open notification settings. anyone else who can confirm the crashes?
  6. faimon hell with: godmode & multiplier 2 & max acc & no cd & autoplay worked. went back to toah and it crashes after 2nd wave
  7. also crashes here: iphone 6 ios 9.3.3 mod settings: no skilldown & max acc = crashes after some hits in toah 50 autoplay only no skilldown= crashes at boss stage toah 50 autoplay
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