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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH I love it and it's working perfectly Could you please add a infinite energy option? also I wanted to ask if it's possible to make Show Your Style tickets unlimited too? xoxo
  2. I need it 😫 it would also be really nice if the K-Stars and Diamonds were unlimited, plus if u can get unlimited SYS tickets that would also be really cool
  3. Same! I'm waiting since the last update but no one wants to update it 😧 I would if I'd know how to T_T
  4. hey! do you have a jailbroken device? i didn't get it to work :(( when I install the app and would try open it, it would crash and close :((
  5. hey! It doesn't seem to work, I'm trying Filza since I have a jailbrooken device, but it says that "iPhone8,1" doesn't support the file, I don't understand, my iPhone it's a 6s not an iPhone 8 if it has anything to do with that... Please help!
  6. Oh! do you recommend trying her new thing to add past and unreleased items?? I have my device jail broken so I was looking for a good hack that would at least give me stuff to keep if I decide to delete the game or whatever (which I don’t think i’m going to do lol but you never know) and I also wanted to keep playing the game with SYS and weekly events! What hack do you recommend??
  7. Thank u!!! do you happen to know when are they going to release that version? And if once you get the stuff you get to keep it?
  8. same here! I don’t know why, I did everything correctly but the game keeps crashing! and whenever I uninstall the mod menu from cydia the game works perfectly! I think the mod menu needs an update!
  9. Hello! I'm having problems with the mod menu, I have an iPhone 6s with 128 gb and the game keeps crashing, idk why can you please help me?
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