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  1. Is it the hack or my device?. Pubg mobile and ros latest hacks crash my game at unexpected points. This never happens when hack is off.
  2. I love PUBG better now. Fully custom HUD and iron sights.. what new hacks may come to pubg soon? Esp would be nice walk through walls gets me killed lol. No, they cannot see your POV. They can see you walk through walls but they cant see theough it like u can.
  3. Thanks for info. Does this mean a better phone mat not have the same issue?
  4. Im using an iphone 5s with yalu 102 jb and have been using the Latest rules of survival hack for a while. Up until it started crashing ingame. Only stops when hack is off. Started playing Pubg mobile and the same happens when i use the cheat. I get to play for a bit, then unexpected crashes occur.
  5. When i use this hack. Walk through walls doesnt work. No recoils works. But game crashes here and there. Whereas it would never crash without the cheat. Help? Iphone 5s 10.2
  6. These cheats work (this and ROS) but always seem to make the game crash. Maybe im doing something wrong. Sometimea its ok but usually crashes at random moments.
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