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  1. Just an FYI for a few comments I see out there currently this mod either version does not work on iOS 14 because the only way to bypass is using xsf1re’s fakevar kernbypass method which works with this game but won’t load up the mod just bypass but for iOS 13 I haven’t run in any problems on my older devices iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 running iOS 13.7 running iCleaner alone won’t fix the problems if you have been trying different bypasses make sure to check the icleaner settings and the preference files section and delete old bypass pref files because even if you don’t have the bypass installed or turned on it still interferes I found that doing this and running icleaner and just an ldrestart will fix the issue no need to restorerootfs or rejailbreak unless you messed up your kernel lol but that’s rare
  2. @Zahir @Laxus yo, can y’all fix the “Refresh daily store?” Not the one on the shop but the one where you get boost for your next PVP game, uhh please?
  3. Are you able to always watch an ad to boost the PvP match?
  4. @Laxus no fix for the refresh daily store yet? Still not getting the ads for the PvP boost
  5. Which iOS are you on and what jailbreak? Can you fix the refresh daily store toggle? That’s the one that puts the ad on the pvp button to make it go on fire right? @Laxus
  6. You need to go into terminal and do the changerootfs & and disown 1% command Because of how kernbypass hides jailbreak we won’t be able to have the hack on unless you can manually move the file where it needs to go or link but I’m not sure how to do it
  7. Just make sure you reboot or ldrestart after installing it Did you reboot-rejailbreak Or ldrestart after installing it? Then in setting download the live patch?
  8. Freeze dice from upgrade removes all the dice and leaves you at 0 instant store reset doesn’t work High daily reward works but then you lose the items freeze cards doesn’t do anything never lose trophies isn’t working as well the other ones are still good it looks like
  9. What iOS are you on? And which jailbreak? @Laxus hello laxus your mod updated but some features aren’t working or not updating like the daily store reset the store refresh the freeze cards the never lose trophies well most of them while you’re looking into it can you maybe see if you can fix the disable cheat device to work from the login screen? Thank you
  10. @Laxus are you going to try to fix the disable cheat feature? Or is that getting removed?
  11. I used your modified version and it didn’t work on iPhone 6s Plus iOS 14 checkra1n 0.11.0 kernbypass doesn’t bypass so I rebooted and rejailbreaked and installed new kernbypass and it works again but mod menu is not there this is the version I’m talking about https://github.com/XsF1re/KernBypass-Public is it not possible? Or is there a different place that the mod menu has to go now so it runs?
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