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  1. Go to cydia and go to installed find the last day on earth then uninstall it Thanks @DiDA working fine exept of random force close maybe on my connection low
  2. Yes @DiDA i did update do appstore and when i play LDOE Ver. 1.11.8 the force close begins. is there anything or tweaks for this force close?? My resolutions already in low but it keep crash or auto close thank you sir @DiDA
  3. @DiDA hi. Is there a tweak that lessen the force close? I update for 1.11.8 and when i play or i enter any location it auto close the app plz help 🙏 thank you
  4. Wow amazing thanks. How can in remove the pirate version?
  5. Are u use the totaly no hack LDOE? From app store? I think the motorcycle error cuz by fast travel
  6. Try to use military armor ( if u use the jailed LDOE )
  7. I check the I check the hack and auto close happen like god mode or xp hack Maybe i doing it wrong? Sorry bad english
  8. Good pm sir im ios 12.1 is there a jailbreak for model a7 iphone5s?
  9. It happen to me so i do i unistall the hack then i install the normal app (no hack on appstore ) then i loaded my game using game center. Then i go to tower using my bike and it work i go my bike and loaded the generator i place the generator near the tower ( cuz i know there coming 20 zombie ) i will place the generator later. The i play 2 mins to other place to make sure its automatic save on game center then i unstall the app and i install the iosgod lastday hack ( thank you iosgods) then i loadend the game and thadah!!! I go to tower and got my generator and place it on tower. And the zombie horde kill them all and new place discover... 😊 i hope i help..
  10. Im a boy and my uncle is a boy. We drunk and he kiss me in my lips. Please dont tell anybody.
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