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  1. I don't know the exact detail, but basically from what I hear, during the jail breaking process, Unc0ver automatically installs the preference loader substrate and reboot to make it active. But Odyssey doesn't as it's not catered towards hacking and they're anti-piracy. so you have to manually do this step yourself.
  2. by packages I'm guessing you mean filza, Libhooker + Libhooker safe mode? or what else? Oh CCPreference? That's the only new one in this list. I actually still don't have CCPreference, and my mods are working fine. Idk what's up with that 🤔
  3. Haha tsk tsk, imagine if you read things more carefully.. would've saved you a lotta headache
  4. Everyone should click on request update to let developers know the urgency/popularity instead of just relying more comments
  5. Hello guys, If you are as unlucky as me -- being stuck with an A12/13 iDevice (iPhone X and newer) AND iOS version of 13.6, 13.6.1, or 13.7 for whatever reason. edit: Also works for 14.x using any Sileo JB. Your only reliable option to jailbreak and hack your games would be by Odyssey 12.2.2. And unfortunately, getting help from the Odyssey JB community feels like playing the lottery sometimes. Here is what I did in the past 24 hours of researching and trying different things before getting everything working (if you already successfully jailbroke with Odyssey - skip to 12) [Hidden Content]
  6. I got it to work now! Turns out I had to also run a command line for libhooker for it to work. I could write a guide for this.. where should I post it to?
  7. Thanks again for the suggestion. I restarted my phone and performed jailbreak again, but the same thing is happening... sorry to bug you again but do you have any other suggestions?
  8. Thank you for the swift response! I got Libhook.. the hack still seems to fail to install Here's the screenshot if needed: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  9. Hello, I am completely new to Odyssey jailbreak (I've historically relied on the simplicity of unc0ver, but due to unfortunate circumstances I'm stuck with iOS 13.7). The first thing I noticed is that the Odyssey Sileo package do not come with any injection tweaks required for the hacks like Substrate or PreferenceLoader. Does anyone have a solution to this? Much thanks!
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