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  1. Yes I did, and already followed all the web instructions on how to get the tweaks back but nothing worked.... it’s basically like Cydia is useless cause nothing works
  2. Yes I did that as one of the options to try to solve the problem, after that I reinstall all of them and still no fix, any ideas?
  3. For the past two weeks or so I’ve been having this issue that everything I time do jailbreak my IPhone XS Max all my tweaks don’t show up on settings nor work at all, it’s like I’m jailbroken but the only thing that works is Cydia. I’ve tried to re-jailbreak, tried to restore the root, did the step by step on filza, delete and reinstall the preference loader and substrate, NOTHING worked really... I’m currently running the iOS 13.6.1 can someone help me please?
  4. I’m also having the same problem, I can’t download any app or even update those I already have when I’m on jailbreak, and also my WiFi sometimes starts functioning bad even tho it’s fine, and when I’m w/out jailbreak WiFi and downloads are solved... iPhone XS Max
  5. Yeah I was using an older version of deb file, sorry, didn’t know there’s was a newer deb here, now it’s all perfect again! Thank you!
  6. Noo, I install the deb file via filza, always worked, stopped after the last game update!
  7. It’s not working, after the last game update nothing on the mod works, 😭😭, miss being able to duplicate my items (Version 1.18.1)
  8. It does, when my iPhone was not jailbroken everything worked fine, also this started happening short time after I installed Cydia...
  9. I’m currently running iOS 13.6.1 on an IPhone XS Max, with Cydia via unc0ver, and I’m facing this two problems: My AirDrop won’t work for nothing, I tried everything, even resetting the network settings, installing that icleaner tweak on Cydia and the problem still persistis. And now I can’t download any regular apps from the AppStore, when I click to download it shows that blue circle but then never actually download the app, and this also happens with files at the safari! Also already tried shutting down and back on thru the safe showdown tweak, and removed all the tweaks that were causing errors and respiring... no more ideas in how to fix those problems! Can someone PLEASE help me, I’m running out of ideas, search everywhere and did everything I found and nothing worked!!
  10. Never mind, I downloaded again to copy the full message and it worked, I think it was an error dowloading the first time because of my antivirus, thanks!
  11. It doesn't work on my windows 10, it says I can't open cause the version its to old for my pc, its there any update or way to fix that?
  12. I’m currently on the iOS 13.6.1, IPhone XS Max, and every time my iPhone shuts down for battery or reboot reasons Cydia doesn’t open, keeps crashing and all the apps such as filza or current debs stop working as well. I made the jailbreak thro Unc0ver that also doesn't open after my iPhone it’s shut down and back on. Does anyone knows how to fix this crash without having do re-jailbreak every time my iPhone shuts down, or runs out of battery?
  13. My account got banned after using this hack for two weeks, anyone knows how to save my account? “ Mario Kart Tour cannot be played with this account.” Support code: 805-2208
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