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  1. Hey, I am not getting any pop up menu. I am running iOS 8, on my iPad Air 2.
  2. Help/Support Step By Step Tutorial of Hacking a Game

    You don't need to crack apps. You could download from online sites such as iPhoneCake.
  3. Guide [Tutorial] How To Jailbreak iOS 10.2

    Uh, it says "incomplete" here: https://github.com/zhengmin1989/yalu102/ So does this work or?
  4. Help/Support Unverified PayPal

    just ask him/her to buy you BTC with the PP and you can spend it later or directly to bank.
  5. The Deep Web

    that unnecessary bump doe PM me
  6. TuT How to fix App Sandbox Restricted on iOS 8.3 & up (JB only)

    Great job Thanks for sharing this info with our members.
  7. i can sell you a key for $1 its worth it as it will never expire
  8. Congrats on Reaching 200k members. Hope this doesn't die down like iCheats. Good luck for the future. P.S. Hope I win something at,east
  9. no, Combolists can be used any amount of times on any website whatsoever. Although some websites accept user:pass and some do email:pass. if you want to make your own combo list, you need to SQL Inject a website and get its database. then dehash/decrypt the hashes of the passwords and make a combo list. there are many ways and tools for doing that. I de hash databases for free, so if you have a user:hashedpass combo, send it to me and i will decrypt and send it back.
  10. its because either your Proxies are dead or not of good quality. You can check out the following links to get updated proxies everyday: http://proxyserverlist-24.blogspot.se/ http://newfreshproxies24.blogspot.com After getting the proxies from there, use an online proxy scanner such as : http://orcahub.com/proxy-checker.php or if you have ProxyFire you can use that as well.
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