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  1. Yes, i still haven't been banned im using Iphone 7+ ios 12.1.1b3 uncoverb42 latest snapchat version from the app store.
  2. after downloading the flex 3 patch > Activate the patch > Open the Patch > Scroll down until you see "Story views" (should be two) > Click "Story Views > click the number under "Return Value (unsigned long long) > Cclick "Override Value" > Choose "Number" and enter how many views you want then go back to the second "Story Views" and change the number to the same one.
  3. insight overall views cant be spoofed and doesnt count views under a certain amount. It gives you the insight spoof to activate popular profile
  4. hmm works perfect for me and you have the latest version of flex 3 (beta)
  5. What iOS device do you have and version also what Snapchat version are you using?
  6. Lmao for now using an alt phone and take a picture of your screen 😂
  7. Hiding screenshot flags up on snapchats system which will result in a ban haven’t tested with new anti ban feel free to try (I recommend testing on an Alt account)
  8. Disclaimer: I have been using this method/tweak for weeks now and I haven’t been banned. This doesn’t mean you will not get banned. Use at your own risk. Hack Requirements: - Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. - Flex 3 Beta59 (from Cydia). - Snapchat (AppStore). (Tested on latest version) [Hidden Content] Features: Features: • Hide “Is Typing” • Secretly open snaps • No Ghostmode Avatar • Unlimited Camera Zoom • Ability to hide viewer list (story) • Everybody’s Birthday • Always Have Birthday Filter • Hide “From Camera Roll” • Hide “From Memories” • Hidden Status Bar (Cleaner look) • Access to insights (Makes snapchat think you are a popular user) • Fake Snapchat Official Story • Hide “Snap and Drive” warning • Phone Verified (Makes phone verification not required) • Email Verified (Makes email verification not required) • Auto TOS Acceptance • Anti-Captcha Human Verification • White Keyboard Spoofed Values (Configurable): • Received Snap Amount Spoof • Sent Snap Amount Spoof • Display Name Spoof • Spoofed Friend Snapscores • Spoofed Snapscore • Spoofed Story Views Protection: • Anti Jailbreak Detection • Local Modifications Only Credits: - Eclipsey
  9. Works and yes it is visual as nobody else can see your views.
  10. I believe it needs updating give it a few days
  11. Added Tweak Detection Bypass Tutorial. Ban Risk = Low
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