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  1. hi nitroxic any hack update for Kill Shot Bravo 

  2. ASLR is removed and stuff?
  3. nigga not even born
  4. General

    wow dad wow
  5. Request

    I have this too, its so op my uratio shoots fast like crazy no reload in between, i should make a vid
  6. Help/Support

  7. Help/Support

    I'll send you another one when I'm out the shower, that one is for iOS 8, unless he updated it. I have one for iOS 9, I'm not sure if it'll work on iOS 10, but you can try.
  8. Help/Support

    Where did you get your debugserver?
  9. Help/Support

    What iOS version you on? And somtimes you need to reboot your device and PC.
  10. Help/Support

    Get watchpoint from iGG or whatever, write it down somewhere. Connect to LLDB, once its done loading insert watchpoint then continue game OR repeat the steps and when LLDB is done connecting to the game, press CTRL + C then insert watchpoint
  11. Help/Support

    Press ctrl + c and try to put it in again Keep trying that,
  12. Help/Support

    You run LLDB.cmd not .exe ...
  13. Request

    I have it lol but no point in releasing, it's detectable.
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