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  1. Hello nUb H4x0r, thanks for your prompt reply. I read them all but I cannot install. And I am confused by the info on install.iosgods.com, maybe it causes by I dont use English as mother language. I mean that I dont understand that the info show "the iOSGods Plus still work normally now with One Click Over The Air Íntallation - and the problem of uninstall is my own problem" or "it is still under revoked period and I have to wait".
  2. I cannot install iOSGods app on my iPad. It shows the icon as per below picture. When I touch the icon, it shows unable to install. I deleted, re-installed, restarted my iPad, change region,... but nothing changes. Please support, I cannot use it for a long time
  3. @@animegirl1993 Do you play NCIS: Hidden Crimes on iOS? I play the newest version and it do not need internet connection. @@Makaveli_thegreat It maybe you edit wrong, brother. Please take care your edited file. Please open your game with internet connection to download the right file MegaConf.json and do step by step again carefully. I have just edit my post with RED FONT, please make sure you edit only 4 pot like that.
  4. I am not online today, sorry brother. What iOS are you using now? I do it with iOS 9.2.1 and I have checked, it still work now Do you use the right game? Couod you tell me what error? Do you see like the Huge Coins Pack like my picture? Maybe something wrong, please change the file corectly as I said.
  5. I do not copy it, brother. I have tried with a lot of file in filza to have this way. I am sorry if it had posted in this forum or somewhere. Just want to help someone need it. Yes, I do not see the posting rule on the DIY Cheats, so I have copy the form from this topic with many view and thanks. https://iosgods.com/topic/33674-brave-frontier-1531-surpass-guild-contribution-limit/
  6. Is it hard to read? haha. I have changed content with bigger font size.
  7. Difficulty: Easy Requirements: Jailbroken Device. Filza NCIS: Hidden Crimes V1.12.4 - Infinity Coin - Infinity Cash https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ncis-hidden-crimes/id1081431390?mt=8 This is my first topic, so please guide me if something is wrong. Ok let's go. [Hidden Content]
  8. Does anyone need a hack coin and cash for this game?
  9. Thanks bro. 26 mil gold now ha ha. do u know another hack for this game?
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