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  1. Name of the game you want hacked: A Dark Dragon Version of the game: Latest iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/tr/app/a-dark-dragon-ad/id1073893966?l=tr&mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non-JB Requested Features: * Infinite crystal
  2. @Joka i've downloaded from store, but when loading bar reaches to 100%, game crashes and returns me back to app list
  3. Thanks for update. Btw, is there any other hacks can be done for Evertale? Other than exp? *** @DanYal, I've removed old application and started to install via impactor, but it got stucked at "Preflighting Application". Do you have any idea for why this happened? Also, now get an error for device not supporting. but i played a lot before like BonBonXXX. My device is iPhone 6 and I played EverTale 1.0.9 version before. I can reinstall v1.0.9 to my device. but cant install new update https://ibb.co/WgJcSmV *** I've checked info.plist file, and these was added in this version. @DanYal, did you import these? I've removed these section from plist file, and game is installed successfully. <key>UISupportedDevices</key> <array> <string>iPhone10,2</string> <string>iPhone10,3</string> <string>iPhone10,5</string> <string>iPhone10,6</string> <string>iPhone11,2</string> <string>iPhone11,4</string> <string>iPhone11,6</string> <string>iPhone9,2</string> <string>iPhone9,4</string> </array> @BonBonXXX94, could you try with this ? I've removed devices from IPA https://iosddl.net/532d44060a5b6258/Evertale_Hack_No_Jailbreak_Cheats_1.0.11_Hacked_IPA_by_iOSGods.com.ipa
  4. @Laxus, could you re-upload game ? When i click download, it reload to page instead of starting download.
  5. @DiDA, when i try to install HAWK with impactor, it crashes at some json files. I'm using my corporate apple dev account for certificate. https://ibb.co/Ny92zdh When i try to debug it with visual studio, it says Unhandled exception at 0x750BCD12 (msvcrt.dll) in Impactor.exe: 0xC00000FD: Stack overflow (parameters: 0x00000001, 0x043B2F4C).
  6. @Laxus, I've downloaded latest IPA from store, but when i tried to install, my impactor crashes at "Data/Raw/Configs/1/284445821.json" file. https://ibb.co/Ny92zdh
  7. installed but wont work for me. iAP window opens, when i press cancel nothing happens. i tried to crack open golden piggy and get golden egg
  8. i played before and progress to lv 10's. i uninstall my current game and reinstall hacked one via impactor. When game at %99 loading, it crash. Any idea? @Joka
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