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  1. Is it an app file or game hack? Have you tried respringing the device? If it’s an app then try to respring or do ldrestart, if the icon’s still not showing then rejailbreak
  2. Should be the same as above, if it isn’t then let me know I’ll take a look
  3. any way to crack / extract from sideloaded ipa? Like from appcake or any other 3rd party stores
  4. It crashes the game soon we activated this hack, any help?
  5. There are no link since this hack is DIY it’s mean Do It Yourself, follow the steps carefully
  6. It works for me without downgrading, i just turn off free purchase then turn back on, and the official server turned on then turn back off. respring and work fine
  7. Requirements: - GameGem (v1.5) - Jailbroken iPhone - Newterm [Hidden Content] ps: - if it still doesnt work, try step 4 & 5, dont close Newterm - You have to do all the steps if you Shutdown or Reboot the device. - You dont have to do the steps if you only respring. GOOD LUCK!
  8. yes i thought of that too, i did many times reinstalling and installing the hacked ipa and its working fine, this is happen after i duplicated this apps so i can run the original and the hacked one
  9. Hello, i have iphone 7 with ios 13.3.1 Jailbroken with checkra1n. I installed Cooking Diary hacked ipa (the one that is in Non-Jailbroken section) few weeks ago, the hack which is freeze currency and booster works fine, then i found out that the iap can be purchased too by using localiappstore. the problem is a few days ago i tried to install the original Cooking Diary from the appstore and then Installed The hacks (so it is 2 duplicated app), changed bundle id and name for the hacked one. the problem started here, all is working fine in the Original appstore apps, but for the hacked one, the in app purchase started not working, when i try to go to shop, the price of all items just loading with circle in it, not even showing up the prices, i tried purchasing but nothing’s worked. So the next step is i uninstalled the 2 duplicated Cooking Diary games, then I installed back the hacked app (without changing bundle id and the name), I have no luck, prices still not showing up. Why this could be happen? i just realized when i installed the hacked ipa, there are no “StoreKit” folder inside game directory, it used to be there before i installed the ori and the hacked at the same time. Below are the screenshot of the problem any help guys?
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