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  1. this used to work really good not anymore after the new videostar update please fix it thanks 💓
  2. hi the iosgod app has been lagging for me ever since i have downloaded it. currently i’m running jailbreak ios 11.0.1 on a 5s. when i open the app and start to scroll it glicthes, then if i click search then category theres an option at the bottom called “adventures” i scroll down yet it pulls me back up and therefore i cant even click on that option. secondly, if i go on another app then come back to iosgod app all i see is a white background in order to be in that app again i have to kill it. although at times when i do kill the app and get back in i still see a white background for TOO long. sometimes its just freezes then crashes lol trust me every time i used the app i have killed it in order to use it. personally i havent download it on my iphone x to see if it gives the same bugs since its not a jailbroken device i wanna be able to use this app on my jailbroken device. maybe the no jailbreak app isn’t really for the jailbreaks (kiddin, thats a joke) i love the concept of this app hopefully i get to actually use it soon! Thanks.
  3. There are lots of coco hack even its being a server game
  4. i believe if someone can hack it then it might be easy as i have seen a lot of people doing it
  5. Name of the game you want hacked: HAY DAY BY SUPERCELL Version of the game: the most latest in 2018 iTunes Link for the app: Hay Day by Supercell https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hay-day/id506627515?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: although ny device is jailbroken 9.3.5 but would prefer non JB pls Requested Features: i can pay canadian $5 through PAYPAL ONLY! for a farm thats on level AT LEAST on 70 or above would be perfect! barn & silo upgrade & fishing storage has to be 1k above nothing below pls also fishing and all land area expanded (except the side where it ask for permit) i dont need that if the level is 70 & above all machine should be bought and unlocked at least 9 slots for all machines no need to have 9999999 coins or diamonds (give me enough that wont ban it) pls the farm account should be BAN FREE! and also connected to SC ID for me to log in. will buy from a trusted person who can assure me they'll give a real account and kindly pm me on kik: haydaytrady if ur down to give me one pls make sure the account doesn't get ban when new update comes i want the latest version it can be a give away account or hacked either way harmless thank u!
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