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  1. Update v3.1.1 Bug Fixes! Requesting troops Donating troops Boosting Clock tower Troop Deployment Permissions (saving settings)
  2. Can you explain some more please? Have you got CR in English language?
  3. Update v3.4.2 What's new? 2v2 battle quick and clan. Bug fixes! fixed cancelling battle when stuck fixed iPad 2,3,4 crashing
  4. [Update] v2.9.5 What's new? Can now choose to train from any saved slot. Bug Fixes! Deploying heroes and CC. fixed error with iPad 2,3,4 before battle.
  5. [Update] Clash of Clans bot iOS ( AutoClashBotiOS ) big update.
  6. AutoClashBotiOS Supports iOS 8-10.3.3 The bot will train troops, search for 'dead' bases to attack and deploy your army including any Clan Castle Troops and heroes. +Rep [Hidden Content] As promised, a pro release of the quickly becoming popular Clash of Clans Bot for iOS with many bug fixes for the free version! This incorporates the free version too, so if you're already taking advantage of tons of loot, upgrade to this version which also fixes a lot of bugs and better supports the many devices of the initial release. You will also have access to future updates which we have many plans for! Current pro features include: 4 sided attack (more loot!) Auto Collect Resources Auto Donations Auto Requests Auto Boost Barracks Adjust Troop Deployment Speed Adjust Hero Ability Delay Ignore Heroes Option Ignore Clan Castle Troops Option Free version offers a fantastic way to test your device with the bot and still score pretty good loot! Free version currently offers the following features: 2 Sided Attack Auto Train Troops Auto Find Dead Bases to Attack A new website https://autoclashbotios.com has just been launched with more info. Simply follow Installation instructions on the website, generate your unique id from the main menu of the bot, paste it into the website when you purchase pro! Any further questions head to the growing community at r/AutoClashBotiOS . We are always open to feedback and new feature ideas and requests.
  7. It definitely works, make sure clash royale is in English language.
  8. install activator and applist, you should be good to go.
  9. What device are you using I will take a look? Did you edit the CRsettup.lua file incorrectly, try reinstalling.
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