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  1. The unlimited nitrous works well. Good job! P.S. No traffic part doesn’t seem to work for me... it only removes the jumping ramps which can cause a race to be stuck. And I still get traffic vehicles like trucks and trains.
  2. crashes the game for me. Using it on game v3.0.8 on Electra 1.0.3
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately though, there's a new update on the App Store (v2.1.0) P.S. The "instant actions" cheat is a bit buggy though. Characters will go into buildings on their own and won't come out.
  4. For me, everything accessible by clicking the Store icon is free. But if it’s anything outside it’s not. Also the “unlock character for free” option doesn’t work. As for the “instant actions”, it works but it’s buggy. Everyone always has a green tick above them even when I haven’t sent them on any tasks. And they keep going into buildings by themselves lol.
  5. UPDATE: I managed to get it to reliably not crash. Turn off Rotation Lock, set your device in landscape BEFORE opening the app. Then open it. When the "Visit iOSGods" popup appears, quickly tap one of the options. Immediately switch back to the game AFTER Safari appears but BEFORE the page starts loading. The login page will appear (helpful if you set "remember me" to on) and immediately disappear. Keep tapping the screen to dismiss the successful login popup as soon as possible. Then you're free to change the language to enable the free store. P.S. @DiDA I managed to get it to work on my setup (iPhone X, iOS 11.1.2, Electra b8-2). Had to remove Liberty (jailbreak anti-detector).
  6. There’s a new version out on the App Store: 3.0.8. Can anyone test if this works with that version?
  7. Yes. All options were enabled. Update: Here's a screen recording showing the issue: https://streamable.com/47dnp
  8. I managed to close the popup by tapping the official topic button and then quickly returned to the app. The login page shows and then the card shows my icon and asks me to tap it to enable the hack. However even after that nothing seems to work. Let me see if I can get a screen recording or something
  9. Same here. It says I’m logged in and to tap the card to activate the hack, but everything is darkened and nothing happens. Sometimes I can tap the card and make it go away but the hack still doesn’t seem to do anything. @DiDA
  10. Followed your tip and installed it through iTunes. The game and cheats work for a while (e.g. 5 minutes), but then it crashes the whole jail broken system and reboots my iPhone. Which is even more annoying since rejailbreaking on a 7 takes serious luck.
  11. Tip: Install TSProtector8 before installing this hack and running the game. The hack works perfectly, but has a major bug. Re-fishing with the "Unlimited Diamonds" option turned on will cause the balance to go into the negative (ie. you will be owing the game millions of diamonds). No way to fix, except starting a new save account. I suggest you only do the Unlimited Diamonds hack once, then turn it off. So you can keep refishing without going into debt.
  12. Are the Platinum keys hackable like the Gold ones? Maybe you could include in the next update. Because you can't buy incomplete Platinum keys but you can buy incomplete Gold keys.
  13. then can you at least also upload or PM me versions that dont have the clash requirement?
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