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  1. Could you link a tutorial? Or explain how to branch?
  2. I found many strings that start with "Cheat..." e.g. "CheatAllPlayersTakeDamage". I have made som contacts and found out that strings that begin with "Cheat" is used by the devastating to debug the game and only useful if I can enable debug mode. I have BX LR some strings and they have not changed in the way I find satisfactory. How do I proceed with these type of strings? Am I looking at a wrong direction? What should I search for in order to achieve God Mode for I2?
  3. But I have xref & xref. Am I looking at the wrong strings?
  4. Alright! Here it goes... Today, I started to look through some strings of a binary (Injustice 2) and sadly I could not find what I was searching for. Wel, yeah I had a goal to achieve God Mode but with no avail. I found some strings were three sub_x where located. Two having over 4000-6000 xrefs (would be dumb if I played with that) and the third one had 2 xrefs. Which is great! (I guess, you be the judge of that) So, in hope for achieving something I did the BX LR thing through binary editing, found it easier than Code Injection (sorry @Ted2). But nothing changed. I have done this to three other strings but with no avail. Am I missing something? What should I focus on? I have searched for: damage, health, attack. Note, that the strings I was looking for, is to make the enemy team not being able to use abilities or even hit me.
  5. So I have just done the Code Injection part, do I just add the binary that IDA used to the folder? Since IDAs file is 750 MB whilist the original is 112 MB
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