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  1. Would they update again this week? If so i hope after app update dida will have a time.
  2. I wish we could add no damage from enemies, always critical, and fast movement speed.
  3. You always make our gaming experience a bit tolerable! Thank you, @Joka
  4. I've finished the tutorial before using the mod. Anyway, ive deleted the app and data, and created a new account. I refrain from using it in the cafe
  5. Stuck on "promoted in barrista career" screen where you have to tap "got it"
  6. Agreed! Especially on "flat earth" ??
  7. No need for a three-finger tap. There's an icon you can tap to activate mods.
  8. @DiDA @Sterling0x1 please update. Take a look at this side. Thank you so very much
  9. Hmmm. Now it's no longer working. The card that youd tap to activate the mod wont show after logging in.
  10. Try to find/add 100% summon SS behemoths, fast movement speed. Thank you very much.
  11. It's those bosses who appear when you hunt in monsters in the field. Also when you try to join summon bosses, the game crashes.
  12. @DiDA @Sterling0x1 please update. New version out. Thank you very much
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