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  1. Resolved !!! I got it myself !!! finally after creating 3 accounts per 10 mins!!! Thanks again guys !! For those who actually tried as well !!! Moderator can close this thread.
  2. Only for the Minimon, i'm a fan of those kind of monster Ok bro if you got it, can tell me, we can figure out what to give you.
  3. Hi Bro, what is PSN gift card ? i send you money from paypal, and you can buy those with paypal if they accept paypal. If they accept paypal, i can buy it and send you. If you get that minimon Seth IV, please take a screenshot of it in your team thank you bro !!! Good luck everyone !!!!!!
  4. Hi Guys, Been a long time since i've post something, recently i got hooked up a chinese game, a english developer took over the publishing rights for Asia. So i started playing this, today is the official second server launching, so along with the new server, there's also the halloween events which gives a rare Minimon inside the Rare Egg draw which i'm trying to get by creating new account non stop. And still not getting it, and i'm getting pissed off lol. So if you can get this Minimon for me in this game, i will pay $20 via paypal or bank transfer ( If you're living in Singapore ). First person to get it, i will buy immediately. Basically i'll guide you how to draw 3 times in this game to have a chance to get this Minimon called Seth IV. The Minimon looks like this : So if you draw this Minimon in a new account, please tell me straight away !!! I'll buy this account immediately !!! So the steps is very simple : 1) Go to itunes, search for the game " Minimon " by TFJoy, not Minimon Monster, only the word " Minimon. Link : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1149841223 / If you didn't see it in the store, you can create another country apple ID to help me get this Minimon i want. 2) Create a new account in game - using any email address ( Please kindly use a random email starting with gmail, something like random299910 - i will create a gmail account myself after you sell me ) 3) Start doing the tutorials, until you reach the stage where you kill a snowman ( That's where the tutorial will stop ) 4) Once tutorial finished, click on the bottom " Review this game ", it will bring you to the itunes store, wait for at least 10 seconds, thn go back to the game again, if you don't wait 10 second, you won't get the diamonds. After you receive the 500 diamonds 5) Click on the 7 days log in - Claim the 100 diamonds 6) Click on the Diamond wheel ( Spin 2 times ) 7) Next go to the Rare Egg draw, start drawing 1 by 1, if first draw you got that Minimon ( Pm me right away ) If you don't, continue draw again. 8) After 2 draw, if you saw you lack of diamonds to draw the 3rd time ( Each draw cost 288 ), go to map, sweep 30 times and level up, and go to task claim the 100 exp, you will hit level 10 9) Next go to Arena, fight one person, you will get 30-50 diamonds 10) Go and draw the 3rd time After you draw finish, still didn't get the Minimon ( Seth IV ), register a new account again in-game and repeat the cycle, until you get it. Once you get the hang of it, you will know how to draw 3 times per account. Additional Information : This event last until November 3, 2016 only, after that, the Seth IV will be gone from the draw, so after the 3 days, i won't be buying anymore. If anyone got this Minimon out of the 3 days, immediately pm me !!! I want it so badly !!! Each cycle cost you about 10 mins only, so 30 draws - 1 hour. I'm using 3 iphone to speed up, but seems no luck, i spoke to the developer, was told Single draws can get if lucky, so everyone keep trying !!! In advance, i thank you for your help !!! Any questions or anything, please contact me here via pm or leave a comment. Thank you!!! The rare egg look like this :
  5. Just found out another method to get more than 50,000 coins per day a huge bug in the app itself and instagram
  6. you can get 1 million if you're very hardworking, provided you've created more than enough accounts for the free coins :D not to mention, you can spam free likes and follows same time but 1 million is only for the most hardworking person if you're one lol
  7. Hello everyone i am sure everyone knows me for posting a couple of good guides for refunding in-app purchases, so here i'm giving some cool stuffs for everyone i've stopped refunding as i got bored of refunding lol, so i decided to try something different which everyone else is going crazy over the instagram cheat i believe everyone has across some app's which allows you to get free likes and free followers really fast. Basically, what those apps does is, they put your profile in their main "liking+follow" screen which other users are spamming their fingers really fast liking and following to gain the so called " free coins " instead of purchasing coins with real $$$. But this only happen when you place an order to get followers or likes. So if you don't purchase any followers/likes with real $$$ or free coins, your profile won't be up there in the screen where other users are spamming likes+follow. So this cycle actually repeats non stop in the app itself. [Hidden Content]
  8. are you on the right forum you must be working in the fraud department but welcome to iosgods aka other cheats section
  9. shipping people don't trace the items inside the box, they are only in charge of delivering the stuffs, nobody knows exactly what is inside the box when its shipped out only you the person knows and good luck
  10. Hello guys I'm posting a easy method to get a free iphone, similiar to refund request from apple.inc. You will need a paypal and some money to start off ( but you will get full money back ) content hidden to prevent leak [Hidden Content] Enjoy
  11. I guess i'm very lucky thn for months i been doing it
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