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  1. @Max-Q’s VIP menu has anti cheat. I’ll be working on updating my menu soon-ish. No ETA when I’ll have it ready.

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    2. Enoch


      @T-KinG no. You’ll need to use Max-Q’s menu for his anticheat.


      @zer03d okay.

    3. zer03d


      Also been using mods from other website that has aimassit with no ban but I like your aim assist way better

    4. Enoch


      I’m off work today so I may be starting on it today.

    5. Brianna1994


      @Enoch hey ! I need your help with the hacks  I forgot all u had me download from cydia in order for the cheat to work ! Please help !!!

    6. zer03d


      Check the forum. Some might work and might not

    1. Majid2030


       Sniper: Bullet Strike 😭 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. With my permission and on my request. For the time being, Rook is going to be hiding the CoD hack on the app to see if it helps with everyone's downloading issues.  If you have the means to side load, you can get it right now in the thread. We'll slowly be releasing the hack for ViP and then slowly for free to allow people to download the hack without crashing the app again.



  3. I believe @Rook has figured out the issue as to why some are having issues downloading all my cheats on the App. If you're under iOS 13, you will have issues downloading them until I fix it. I'll be working on CoD first.

    1. Rook


      I’ll automatically fix them, no need for you to do anything. :)

    2. xeonleafs


      Looking forward to it :)

    3. Laxus


      It’s not fair, I have to fix my own apps ;_;

  4. Whoever plays Garena CoD, send me the binary and globalmetadata so I can try and get y'all my Mega Menu.

    1. Assassins PD

      Assassins PD

      How can I help you extract the globalmetadata file?

    2. KngTangon


      I play garena cod but what is binary and globalmetadata and how can i send to you?

  5. Not exactly sure when your birthday is but Happy Birthday.

  6. For the next couple of days-ish, I'll be updating my menu's and working on making some of my hacks available to the Free Non-Jailbreak members.

  7. Call of Duty®: Mobile Mega Menu coming to the Free Jailbreak section soon. https://streamable.com/nserq

  8. Happy Birthday young buck. Have a good one.

  9. Updated my latest hack, it's a big one for my 25th mod menu released. I worked with DanYal and absolut1on on it and we were able to get 18 hacks released for y'all in the Free Jailbroken section. Hope y'all enjoy it.

    1. Laxus


      Can’t wait :D

  10. Just bought a new laptop. I should be updating the hacks I’ve created and possibly making new ones within the next coming days.

  11. I broke my laptop into a lot of small pieces. I did upload the important mod function names like WW2 Polygon and Modern Ops to Mega. Everything else is lost. Don’t expect any updates from my menus unless someone wants to take the function names and update them.

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      don't worry my friend no one will rush you 

    2. DanYal


      Why you didn't upload your projects to Google drive or other online storage ? 

    3. Enoch


      @DanYal couldn’t think clearly. Plus the only time I had the function names was for those two projects, plus BlackShot but I wasn’t thinking.

      @Tobias Rieper Thank you

    4. Max--


      😜You should buy a desktop pc. I have assambled myself the one i have. Rock solid with high graphic gtx1060 and a fast cpu i5 6600. Assus motherboard. This was made 4 years ago. Boot in 5 sec, and is same fast as it was  when i assambled it. If i spended 700 euro for entire pc with case and everything need, you should spend now 400-500 probably. 

    5. ZoX88


      Modern ops 3.9.8 into now not showing iosgods hack icon.

      that is today start(26/2/2020)

      ithink that is hackway auto dected?

      Please give me new way


  12. Going to take a break from making new mod menus and adding new features for a while. I’ll be updating but don’t expect the updates to come fast. 

    1. Rook


      Take care of yourself. :)

    2. Zahir


      Indeed, health before the world.

    3. Enoch


      I’ll try. Thanks for the kind words.

  13. Uploading videos to all of my hacks and will continue to do so from now on.

  14. Does "25 unique hacks" count as updating other people's hacks or no? I would assume not. 

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      I think you have to post your hack

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