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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Within a week after I bought it, I suspected that it was a live wallpaper app that I downloaded and used but I removed it ever since, and it still keeps restarting to this day.
  2. Those repeat topics were by mistake due to a network disruption.
  3. Hi guys! Been a few years since I've been here. I'm gonna cut to the chase. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a US-market version with model number N950-U. Here's the twist: I'm in Malaysia - where only the Global version is sold. I bought this phone from a seller that advertised this phone as used and reconditioned, because I really was looking for a US spec Note 8 because it had a better processor and GPU, but I assumed that the seller booted an Android version that would let me use local carriers because the phones used different software for places across the pond. Correct me if I'm wrong, but could this be a potential cause for random restarts? Sometimes it would restart to the first boot screen with the "powered by Android", other times, it would boot me to the animated Samsung boot logo. Other than that, I can't use certain Samsung apps like Samsung Pay or Samsung Health with an error screen that says that "Samsung Pay has been locked due to an unauthorized modification." What do y'all think that would solve this problem?
  4. Is there any possible way to find and access an app's .app folder like we used to in iOS 7?
  5. My iPad is an iPad 2. It doesn't run iOS 10. Read the opening post first pls. Will the jailbreak be gone? I'm aiming for that
  6. What if I hit reset to factory settings? Will that restore my iPad without updating?
  7. Hi guys. So I have an old iPad 2 that's been running on jailbroken iOS 7.1. It was running well until I decided to update two (2) Cydia packages today: iCleaner and one other package I had no memory of. As soon I resprung, Springboard messes up the icons like it places them much further apart than normal, the passcode entry screen is glitched graphically, Settings app can't be opened, and system apps like Photos shrink down to iPhone size (I have RetinaPad). And after I exit a folder, the docked apps disappear. I've tried respringing, Safe Mode, hard restarts, removing packages that had to do with Springboard customization... nothing seems to work. So i've resulted to restoring and updating to 9.3.5. So the question is; is updating from iOS 7.1 to 9.3.5 possible? Because I've heard that 9.3.5 got unsigned October last year.
  8. The title says all. It's no fair that Android gets more mods than iOS
  9. If it had required a certain length, then the music I replaced must fit the bill. I replaced it with Need For Speed Shift's Menu Ambience which goes on for ten minutes. Keep in mind that ALL music in-game hasn't played since I replaced the second MP3 file.
  10. Hello guys! So, I was a bit bored with the soundtrack of Real Racing 3 so I decided to change the existing mp3 files and replaced them with another song and renamed the file with the name of the original one so it would play in game. I switched the garage music titled "Transpacific" with DJ Gontran's "Chemistry" and it worked. The new song played in game when I went to my garage. But then when I tried the second time, this time switching the main menu music with another song, it didn't play the new song. In fact, EVERY piece of music in the game didn't play at all. Not during loading, not during racing, and not in the garage either. What did I do wrong?
  11. I tried it. It didn't crash the game, but it didn't work too or I don't know how to use it properly. I tried to open the scriptv1.img file, it said it was corrupted. Could this be the cause?
  12. If this seems irrelevant, delete it or redirect me to the right section. Anyone know some legit vehicle spawners for GTA SA iOS? Really need one. From any trusted source. Thanks!
  13. Typo, my brain was ghinking of another abbreviation
  14. I never even mentioned the name. I just wanna know which APK should I download.
  15. Ok, so I found a site that features a modded APK file with the data for a Pixel Gun 3D hack. I went to the download link, and it presented me three files: one that's labled as the game's APK, a modded APK and the data that I have to insert into the OBD folder. The problem is, I don't know which APK to download. The modded one only or both?
  16. It's this topic again, if the ones who've tried to help me before remember. So, once I got to see it first hand, turns out that my friend's iPhone was indeed a clone after all. She really wants it to be a fully-functioning phone nevertheless, and this lag issue is now the problem here. I don't know whether I should be posting this here or in the Android's section. Well, let's get too it. I have in the phone is a fake iOS 9 with some obvious (but well-hidden) Android functions. Like the storage and processes usage. RAM is very limited, lesser than an iPad 2 at 465 MB. The processes that eat up most of it (if not all of it) is an adbot called "Young", "feed", etc... and they keep restarting. How can I rid these processes without downloading any RAM cleaning apps?
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