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  1. @Laxusplease fix none of the haxs are working (i just got back 2 months after getting acct temp banned lol)
  2. just a question before i use the hack, whats the probability of getting banned by using inf mana and no cd
  3. @Laxuscan you also add in infinite super box currencies and/or other limited time currencies since they are basically gambling real money for some gacha, thanks.
  4. @Laxus some problems: cant equip any taunts, not all chars are unlocked, and not all blades unlocked
  5. @Rookyo i thought this was a patcher/.deb hack so i dont need to download it from revoked iosgods app.
  6. @Rookplayer x dmg and max level hacks not working. Gold multiplier works but crashes game after finishing a game
  7. @Red16yo idk why but none of the hacks are working for me, the igmm shows but when i activate a hack, for ex. infinite mana, it doesn’t work.
  8. Also infinite stam not working mount keeps getting tired, the infinite currencies also work for gems right?
  9. infinite currencies not autoupdating please fix, nvm u gotta load the hack when game begins
  10. @Laxus yea sorry but the unlock all songs is broken rn 2nd anniversary update, prob because of new pack.
  11. Server based game so no iap or save game, supercell is not a small company so i doubt it would be easy to crack, like at all, unless u recruit a group of big brain people to do it.
  12. Dlg shows 0 results in match, am i doing something wrong?
  13. I dunno what happened but my passive gold now is 0, how do i fix it?
  14. @Red16 hack not working, nothing happens when i turn on hacks in game and it is not in the settings, tried reinstalling preferenceloader and the hack, please help.
  15. Hello I have downloaded Archero from the app store on my jailbroken iPhone 6s+ iOS 12.1 with unc0ver and it keeps crashing while in the loading screen. I have used detection bypasses such as liberty, tsprotector, shadow, and A-bypass. All of these do not work except for shadow and nosub which disables the substrate. But as we all know I need to use the tweaks, send help. Crash reports: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l94dyfgg6l7wcaz/AABDAMzOY4yXkKGC9Zu80e4ca?dl=0 The first file I didn’t use any bypasses and the 2nd one I did.
  16. Jb detected cant useeee, disabling cydia substrate means no tweaks either
  17. save data is in violation of game lol
  18. @ZoZo wall hack stops working after enemy/allies die and when the match starts. Their skins texture is glitchy red and no longer able to see through the walls. Turning wall hack on and off again fixes it only temporarily, any help?
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