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  1. i have ipad mini 4 ios 13.1.3. I mean i can record it, but you cant see anything anyway, since as soon as i click install. the app just froze, i can’t click anywhere else, have to close and reopen it. issue still happened. also, not just any specific game, all games have that issue. i can randomly pick a game and the issue happens
  2. Hello. I’ve been using the app+ for awhile with no problems. However, for the last 3 days, I can’t install any new games, because as soon as I click the Install button, the app+ froze. i have been trying to reopening, restart the device. nothing works. please help me. Thank you for your hard work
  3. Oh man, I love this game, I wish you would update it to the new version, it has new level in it. Thank you so much
  4. @Laxus Sorry if you misunderstood me or something, I never said the problem was your cheat. I thank you very much for your hard work, and for your cheat, it works perfectly fine with my old phone using iOS 12. However, I have an iPad on iOS 13, and the other app, the hack were also work with it, even the other hack that you created, but for some reason, Playrix app, including the Homescapes one, does not work for iOs 13. I just want to let you know, so you can find the problem, for iOS 13 Playrix, there is no probem with your cheat. Thank you very, very much
  5. I can't install this using the IosGods App, please fix it @iOSGods App Bot
  6. @0xSUBZ3R0 I just have 1 question. The hack works just perfect, thank you very much. However, I joined a clan and did the daily mission for tickets, it didnt show up in the clan info. it said I have 0 ticket for this week even though I earned 5 tickets. Could you please check it out? Thank you very much
  7. @Laxus thank you so so much for the update. you are the best bro. However, I still can't use it on iOs 13, I can use it on my old phone with ios 12. for ios 13, it stucked at the loading screen
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