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  1. From what I can tell the hack is still functional. Nothing that doesnt work for me.
  2. Did you get banned by using the .IPA Zahir provived or did you get banned when going on appstore .IPA? Zahirs .IPA isnt functional atm, just saying you need to update. I still havent got banned on any of my accounts.
  3. Hello, I’m not quite sure which sub forum would be appropriate for this kind of request. There might be nobody here with the experience or knowledge about creating apps for iOS (.apk works aswell) but I doubt it as a good few have displayed skills in coding and hacking iOS games over and over. Not the same thing but meh however, I’m in need of help to create an app for either iOS or Android. It’s a simple app, not a game nor a user base bigger than 9 people. Basically I want an app where the users gets some text boxes and some checkboxes. The variables input by the user will then transfer over to an image and e-mail it to a predetermined email as a .pdf In theory its simple but for me it’s impossible to get the second part to work. I’ve worked out the text/checkboxes but as of now I only get a piece of text when e-mailed. Obviously this would be paid, and no updates will be needed for the app in the future. PM or comment here, cheers
  4. Read What @Joka Said, not possible probably server-sided
  5. You know periods isnt scheduled on a certain Day each month right?
  6. Havs you tried re-installing the normal app? From AppStore and not cydia impactor use another AS account and try re-installing it, your progress is saved on your GameCenter if I’m not mistaken. (Might be iPhone id aswell.)
  7. For all of you playing CTA, there’s an event atm where you can get ”Monki King”, he’s the second fastest attacker in the game and cant be damaged by melees, thus making him really strong especially in arena. I’d suggest spending 4,99$ or playing for 1-2hrs so you get him. When the app is updated you’ll be able to make him 6star for free and you cant get him later on.
  8. As of now this .IPA is useless until updated. If you delete the hacked .IPA and download the normal one from AppStore you can still progress from where you left, youre not going to keep your prism levels but the stars stay (evolution rank). Now you can play while waiting for @DiDA and @ZahirSher to update the .IPA 😉
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