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  1. hello i was on unc0ver 1.1.0 and eveything was good but when i update to 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 its became say failed to inject library and can't jailbreak my iphone so it will be really appreciate if any one can provide me with unc0ver v1.1.0 link
  2. only when the enemy stand and not doing any thing if he turn or crunch that will not work
  3. If gems hack work so it is not because this hack but by localiapstore so its not work and what member say is true also gold dosen’t work its visual
  4. I don’t think so cuz before this hack i could buy gems uson localiapstore
  5. I wonder if your hack support electra because this is not the first one doesn’t work for me
  6. I hack gems using localiap store
  7. Is this support electra nothing work for me even thanks pop didn’t show edit: it show now but the only feature work is one hit kill
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