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  1. Repared luck money and put on Mai tree. ;) Xuan coming

    1. Laxus


      Noice!!! I have my own tree and it blooming!!!

  2. Do you love this game? I saw you comment alot about it XD. BTW, I also love it. Like the way you explain for ppl who in need. and your avatar. Is that Relife
  3. Working Flawlessly, especially Auto win/ Save Time ios 13.4.1 JB Odyssey A13
  4. Chào mấy bác. Jailbreak Checkra1n trên window dùng loại nào tốt ạ?
  5. Testing on Odyssey A13 13.1.3 JB Sileo WORK FLAWLESSLY! Thank you @Laxus
  6. I just delete everything and rejailbreak with Odyssey again like you said better support. But after play for about 20 seconds, it still kick me out even turning off the hack features.
  7. @Laxus @Rook With Uncover Jailbreak on ios 13.4.1 Playing for 20 seconds and it will crash confirmed. Same as other game from GameVil like Heir of Light. I think it maybe because of Uncover Jb or cheat defense mechanism of Gamevil. Since other hack work fine on this Jb
  8. Hi @Laxus @Rook I can log in and play game but all my team and my enemy had x5 damage and def together, and all things were not different . Pls fix this, boss. Can You fix this one because the other same Vip hack did not work either?. Hope you can fix at least one of the two.
  9. Can you fix so it work with ios below 13.5? @Rook @Laxus Enable the hack but nothing change. Crash on Uncover but able to go on in Odyssey. However, Not work with my Ipad Pro 13.4.1 JB.
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