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  1. it's because ur on iOS 10.1.1 not 10.3.x
  2. you trolling or did all of those get updated?
  3. Whenever i download gamegem (either its deb file or from cydia) this image comes up right before it's 'done' https://imgur.com/gallery/Q1StO Why does it say 'no matching processes were found' is it because it isn't updated for the new jailbreak or do i still need to download something else?
  4. Help/Support How to Post images in topics

    After u upload the pictures you want, click on them and then there should be a url for it. copy and paste on this website for everyone to have access to the images
  5. Help/Support SSH PuTTy Not working

    wait how do you do it??
  6. Help/Support SSH PuTTy Not working

    haven't checked it out yet since monday
  7. Help/Support SSH PuTTy Not working

    Same thing happening to me. i downloaded app sync but it's still not working
  8. https://imgur.com/jEvDdcL This is what happened when i tried to download g0blin from impactor @Salman1700 @DiDA
  9. bruh my iphone 6s JUST came in the mail with iOS 10.3.2 update
  10.  Hack Rules Of Survival Speed Hacks and more turtorials(ios)

    it still works
  11. Required Items: -Gamegem -SAS: Zombie Assault 4 by Ninja Kiwi https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sas-zombie-assault-4/id899159669?mt=8 -LocalIAPStore [Hidden Content]
  12. DIY Hack SaS 4 op weapon stats

    i found it better to change the number from-20002 to -1400
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