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  1. High Damage does not work in raid battle. It works in sealed defense but it keeps on saying "abnormal gameplay detected. this game will now close". The game does not detect the skill cooldown hack or the ai. It only detects high damage in sealed defense with the immortal monster. That's It. Again, High Damage does not work in raids or pvp. WATCH OUT FOR EXPLODING GOLEMS AND FLYING MONSTERS WITH HIGH DAMAGE ON
  2. what's the best weapon to use with this?
  3. you think you could give us the option to set the amount of bullets that comes out from that third hack? i want to test the waters with how much the game can handle but at the same time be efficient. @MRS14T3R @Mayaxaya
  4. Help/Support Cydia Impactor Issue

    sorry that i didn't remove this post earlier because this problem was that i didn't update cydia impactor yet
  5. Games You Can Hack With LocalIAPStore

    Flippy Knife works https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flippy-knife/id1208359453?mt=8
  6. Cydia [iCleaner] How to maximize cleanup

    do i clean it with icleaner or something else?
  7. Cydia [iCleaner] How to maximize cleanup

    Where do i go to do that?
  8. Cydia [iCleaner] How to maximize cleanup

    let's see
  9. Request Pixel Strike 3D

  10. @caoyin @DiDA The setting you should try for a headshot while standing up is 1.6 but will only work when the enemy is looking straight at you. the enemy neck is hunched when looking sideways to you
  11. Help/Support Cydia Impactor Issue

    I was wondering if the yalu102_beta7.ipa was just not working for me or whether it's revoked by apple itself. The error i get when trying to download is this; http-win.cpp:158 Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain Anyone care to help?
  12. Request Showtime PPV

    which flex hack is it called?
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