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  1. Holy mackerel, Fuk me sideways 1million members!!! I’ve been offline way too long. Congrats homies for achieving it, the staff’s passion and commitment will be appreciated forever! Keep it up guys, good job all!

    1. Diversityy


      Thanks Sterling! Come back to us! :)

    2. Frimia


      oh sh!t its sterling

      u got discord fam

    3. Sterling0x1


      Div I was never gone, just super busy with life, new job, friends, music, woman, but trying to drop in every now and then to say hi and love you guys <3

      Frimia yeah I have, Sterling0x1#1269

  2. Really? Noice. What method did you use? I only knew of one working method as everything was linked
  3. You could add 1hit kill aswell. Look up my offset dump, if need help I show you how it was done. Interesting hack
  4. Yeah I looked at your code on github. I didn’t realise you can play around with variables like this. Pretty clever piece of code I was well surprised to see it.
  5. I actually had some thoughts on dominations just now. The thing is, in this game, the server only checks inventory and currencies once. When you start the game. Also there is a way to unlock unlimited currency again in shooting range. Kinda noob dev tbh. That function which done the checking had direct branches to the getters, which made it extremely simple hardcoding the new values into the function simply overwriting the getter branches with mov w0, #1 In dominations I doubt they done such poor work
  6. It does have god mode feature aswell ? i kinda cut “oninjurerpc” function in “half” which resulted in never dying haha this game was well fun to hack i couldn’t say much about dominations, I’ve never actually looked at it, as you guys already pwned the hell out of it :))))))
  7. I see it’s standoff 2 that is. I’d expect the dev to fix all these hacks in the new game as I suppose it’s not just an update but an entire new game. I might dl it and take a look actually, I wonder what’s new
  8. The whole point of these offset dumps, is that other modders can see and learn different hacking techniques if interested enough. (like Laxus do) I might have updated offsets too somewhere, as far as I remember I did update this game in here unless they pushed new update since. I was clearly away for good ? I could provide the binary for the old version if anyone interested in updating this to latest version.
  9. Datatodtomapper did the server side check for currencies and inventory items. If you look at my hack you see how it works. I forced 1 on the server side check, so when you started the game the server got 1 currency sent from client that is why currencies and stuff reset to 1 on game start every time, that way we didn’t trigger ban then we just unlocked unlimited money in shooting range and done. You’re asking good questions, don’t be shy to ask if something not clear
  10. Not at the moment. I’ve spent hours trying multiple techniques, no result. Wouldn’t give much hope for this...
  11. Hell yeah it sniffs well, but do not support inject Good member in my sniff folder ahah
  12. Lately quite few people asked about branching, so I figured I make a little write up about it. It is not as advanced as it seems, if you understand the code flow and how branches manipulate that. Think about it this way. Branches will break the code flow and execute whatever is at the address where it points to. Similar to water, as it runs in rivers, or turns to a different direction, maybe a new path opens up... Code flow is similar, but we can use conditions ? Take a good look at this image. So what we see in there kinda explains what branches are and what they mean. I normally ignore conditional branches as "CBZ, CBNZ, TBZ, TBNZ" as I can get the same effect with a simple unconditional branch "B" to the right loc or a NOP. You can play with them, as you change them around, you'd get the opposite effect "CBZ to CBNZ" and so on. I'd stick with "B and BL" for now and some examples behind the logic. B - unconditional branching Branch hex value somehow looks like this: 05 00 00 14 05 00 00 - This is the distance between the start offset and target offset. 14 - branch's opcode. 1 - unconditional b 4 - branching to a forward address in binary So basically we branching 5 instructions (or call it 5 lines) forward (underneath if you look at it in ida). If it looked like this: 05 00 00 17 7 - branching to a backwards address in the binary. Some examples (note that this is most useful in binaries with symbols): That word hack game I hacked the other day. Developer left debug functions in the game so I hooked up existing menu buttons with those functions with simple unconditional branching. you find the debug function: BuyGem 100289D20 then find a button to hook it too. I normally search for "click, press" or if it has social media buttons you can search those. InboxButtonClicked 100074DF8 From here on its pretty straight forward. Load up armconverter.com go to branch tab and add the offsets: Current offset: 100074DF8 // inbox button Instruction to write: B #0x100074DF8 // unconditionally branches to BuyGem you get a hex value. Set that to first line of inbox button. Other example. look at this image so we have two options. premium and premium plus. If we want to force premium, we can use branch but if you take a look the offsets, you see we'd have to branch 1 line under so we can just simply NOP the instruction. if we want to get premium + we'd have to branch to that loc address instead. This way we can manipulate the code to flow the way we want it to without conditionals. BL - Branch with link This one works slightly differently. It takes the code flow to another function, executes that and flow returns to the original one and carries on. 80 F6 4B 94 80 F6 4B - distance between the two address 94 - Branch with Link's opcode 9 - Branch with link 4 - branching forward same as "B" if it was 97 it would branch backwards. Example: You find a game with cool down. BL StartCooldown Then you see this function: ResetCooldown Change it to BL ResetCooldown What happens in game? When it should execute the function that starts the cool down, it will reset it instead.
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