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  1. A game version update 10.2.2 broke all the mods since May and it's unable to update itself.
  2. OPTC just got updated and broke all the mods. We have to wait for @Amuyea to fix it for us! Be patient!
  3. @Amuyea Seeing that god mode breaks whenever there's a version update and needed to wait for a fix, is it possible to add another toggle for "low damage hits"? Which means it's the complete opposite of High Damage Hits toggle. As high damage hits affect enemies' attacks too, seems like a "low damage hit" hack can be toggled before enemy attacks to reduce damage received. Might be a good way to act as a pseudo god mode? Hope that's not too hard to implement and there'll be way fewer "asking for update" posts whenever there's an update. Cheers!
  4. v10.1 update is coming next week. Hope there'll be an update for that Happy new year everyone!
  5. Is it possible to be problem with unc0ver jb? Getting the SE on Thursday and would be happy to test that out! Anyways it's a bummer that high damage doesn't work anymore:( Hope you'll find a way to bypass the hurdles soon!
  6. @Amuyea Hey~ I see that the JP version is also having issue with "High Damage Hits", is it the same problem happening in global or just an issue with version update? Thanks in advance for all the good work!
  7. @Amuyea Would you mind taking a look into the "network connection error" issue on certain iOS while updating to v9.3? It would be much appreciated! Thanks for everything and wish you a great holiday season!
  8. Got the network error on iOS9.1 and app crashes after that! According to LooksAreEverythings, the author of the hack can fix the issue. Please help senpai!
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