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Everything posted by Egyptian

  1. This is third time to get banned 24 hrs on snapchat using third party while im not using anything except original app and up to date!! I cant even login anymore they says that im still using it but i dont! Is there any tweak on cydia is the reason of this problem??

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    2. Egyptian


      whenever i unjailbreak it works, But when im on jb always says that im using third party

    3. Tekniq


      Download the tweak “NoSub” from Cydia. 

    4. arcie


      Get Liberty Lite in Cydia...if that don’t work remove JB

  2. Why iosgods always require to login everytime when i open any game?  

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    2. Egyptian


      @Laxus Where can i find the faqs please? 

    3. Laxus
    4. absolut1on


      Install JoDebox from cydia and your problems are solved! 🙂 Dont worry, it works on ios12. 

  3. unc0ver always crash after 3~5 days then i have to redownload and re trust certificate and again and again rejailbreak, Is there any fix cause im tired of rejailbreak every 3 days

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    2. Fadexz


      @halolou13 I think it works, well I think mine is having an issue because I haven't done something right but I could fix it so it signs correctly.

    3. Xylla


      Use ReProvision from Cydia to automatically sign the third party apps including unc0ver

    4. XxDeepakXx


      Crashes probably cuz of downloading random tweaks and other stuff at least that’s what happen to mine.

  4. Can you please stop spamming posting same hacks? We already see the same code in million topics, Stop posting useless topics please
  5. Any recommendation for good app for streaming live games from my ipad to facebook?

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    2. B4ntu


      i will give you a list of programs to try:

      - du recorder

      -go recorder

      -record it!

      -screen recorder


      (they are on app store and for free)

    3. Egyptian


      Du recorder for subscription, go recorder, record it and screen recorder are only recording not live streaming 😅 Thanks for your help

    4. B4ntu


      oh man sry didnt test the apps !! 

      well keep searching i bet you will find one!!


      regards, b4ntu

  6. Name of the game you want hacked: DU Recorder Version of the game: 1.4.5 iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/du-recorder-screen-recorder/id1295647284?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: any of them Requested Features: Premium Feature please!
  7. what is not working? Its working with me 30 March 2019 lol
  8. bro hack is so broken always get a black screen in middle of the match i cant see anything
  9. The problem is we need to save snaps for nudes 😂😂
  10. I have same problem please help me! I tried to login with another APPLE ID and revoked everything and also tried to install another version of unc0ver JB still same error!!
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