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  1. Mod not working anymore. Would you please update it? @Laxus
  2. Yeah, They didn’t unban me and started using a lot of nonsense excuses. Crazy stuff like “We confirmed cheating. Since it wasn’t you using the account, you get to change your password in order for us to unban it”. *Changed the password* And they started claiming that there was a mistake during the investigation and they won’t be able to help me. And they won’t say anything other than that... @n1ce0n3 If you can find a way to unban the accounts, I will be eternally in your debt. You’re the best, bro.
  3. I did! They are investigating but as it seems I will get unbanned. They believed when I said I don’t know about any hacks and that someone may have had access to my account. They are being pretty nice. Let’s see if I get unbanned after the investigation.
  4. Well, I don’t know about the others, but I don’t play on pvp while using hacks or mods. Never. Besides, I don’t even like this game’s pvp. It’s always the same teams, the same skills, it’s almost like playing the same match over and over again. I got bored of the game’s pvp for some months now. I only used the mod on pve and bosses.
  5. I truly hope this works and we get our accounts back 😂 I mean, I got banned for modding other games and sending tickets worked for all other games. Unfortunately, I have no previous experience with Netmarble, so I’m not sure this will work this time!
  6. Since I had my account suspended, I sent Netmarble a ticket to try and recover it. I tried pretending I didn’t know about any frauds/hack and that it was a mistake. I’ll let you guys know if I get any luck.
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