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  1. Been playing for a really long time. Just upgraded to the latest version and bam my account is banned... ugh
  2. @Zahir and anyone-- how to deal with monsters that cast corruption or fire spells on you - when they die. These retaliations kill your squad in seconds. I have tried many squad combos and cannot get past certain levels where these monsters reside...
  3. @Zahir thank you for the excellent mod... this is a really nice game but the corruption spores (see chapter 6 level 2, easy, monster group 2). Make this almost unbeatable. Either we need a toggle to turn off auto win (or whatever) or a patch that sets corruption spore hits to zero or one health point....
  4. @ZahirSher I downloaded via the app and the game works; however, there is no iOSGods splash screen. Is that by design?
  5. @ZahirSher just downloaded via app. Upon launch get the standard iOSGods pop up and shortly thereafter it immediately quits... will not stay open iOS 12.1 iPhone 7 Plus
  6. @DiDA i have been using this star wars mod over multiple revisions for at least a year... However with the last few revisions the mod continually causes the swgoh to crash back to springboard. i have tried many ways to resove, reboot, rejailbreak, icleaner, uninstall,and reinstall both the game and mod, but no matter what i try the app bombs at some point while i am in swgoh i do not have a problem with my ipad crashing on any other game... not sure where to go from here because the issue happens so frequently the game is almost unplayable the crashes seem to happen most frequently within a second after you win a battle and just a split second before the victory screen comes up...
  7. @Laxus thank you... should i go to 12.1 or 12.1.1?
  8. I have an ipad on 9.3.2 and jailbroken... However i am starting to run into issues where a lot of new games require higher Ios versions. are there any options for me to update to a more modern jb? thanks for your input...
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