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  1. Hello, Golf Clash app need to be updated to the last appstore release 2.38.0 release a week ago !!! is someone able to makes this working for VIP accounts ??? thanks
  2. Thx Dadi. this is working by uninstalling and installing IOSGods App+ Regards
  3. Hi, the Golf Clash last update has been released. Howewer the IOSGods App+ hangs when trying either ti install or custum install app. the App Store app Golf Clash has been uninstall before trying as recommended. need help to fix this problem. thanks
  4. Hi Dadi, I hope that this is a quite hard work to make an update each time. I’ve asked for the last one of this hack 4 days ago so this is unusuabled for me since 4 days. Maybe I can help as I’m am an IT. Tell me is wanted. regards
  5. Hi Dadi, thx for this. The v 2.37.1 has been released yesterday so I’m waiting for this Regards
  6. Hello, Golf Clash app has been updated to 2.37.0 so related IOSGods app has to be updated. thanks in advance. Regards
  7. Using Golf Clash Perfect Shot but ..... - you can’t play game with it as you get banned immediately. Pandemic detect this or opponent detect this - I’m only use it for opening chests as I got several accounts. Regards
  8. Hi Dadi, I’ve been checking since 2 days and no update yet. Could you check please. thanks
  9. Hi, the Golf Clash 2.36.0 has been release so need the updated IOSGods App. thanks in advance. Regards
  10. Hello, The Golf Clash application has been updated so need the IOSgods App+ to be updated. thanks in advance. Regards
  11. Hi Dadi, i keep an eye on App+ and it seems that’s the update is not available yet. could you check this please ? many thanks for your support regards
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