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  1. That’s fine. It should still work for you. The WiFi Assist is for cellular enabled devices only.
  2. Here's a tip to build on this. Beat tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5 In tier 3, go all the way to 12/12 Purchase the skip, then continue and quickly quit Doing this will give you not only the souls from tier 3, but also the 54 souls and 27K gold for selling the extra card. Rinse and repeat.
  3. As long as the steps are all followed it should work great. WiFi Assist has to be turned off for it to work correctly.
  4. What this will do is make it where the apps still work if Apple revokes the certificate. On this last revoke I never knew because my apps still work. It stops the device from verifying with Apple that the certificate is still good. Check my screenshot.. https://imgur.com/Wd2hw4E
  5. This needs to be done BEFORE the certificate gets revoked. - Go to Settings > Cellular (wait for the Cellular Data section to load) > Scroll to the bottom and turn off WiFi Assist. If you’re device is WiFi only, you can skip this step. - Create a text file (must be in txt format) that contains ocsp.apple.com - Save the text file in your iCloud Files or Dropbox (you'll have to connect your Dropbox account to iCloud Files with this option) - Download the DNSCrypt app from the AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dnscloak-secure-dns-client/id1452162351?mt=8 - Click the three dash lines in the top left and select the following settings General Options: Connect On Demand (ON) Cache Responses (ON) https://imgur.com/lwVCsTn Resolvers usage rules: Leave as default https://imgur.com/XO6xjkU Blacklists & Whitelists: Enable Blacklist (ON) Select the text file you created earlier https://imgur.com/KunvVEI Advanced Options: Skip accessibility check (ON) Strict mode (ON) Network Connectivity (Set to IPv4 and IPv6) Everything else off https://imgur.com/uxOLUIg https://imgur.com/ZPRLD3H To test download iNetTools https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inettools-ping-dns-port-scan/id561659975?mt=8 and ping ocsp.apple.com. It should come back as invalid hostname.
  6. I found that the character codes were one digit less than they should be. Example, Raiden Injustice 2 should be 61627 instead of 61626. So everyone, just add one number to the last digit.
  7. This is because the server knows if you should/shouldn't be able to beat the opponent. It also knows how fast you should be able to complete the run. In BlackRidge Rivals, you need to try your best to "simulate" normal nitro use.
  8. So then this makes it worse than the non-modified app..... Why would you bother to put in the work on something that is just visual?
  9. Same here. If I am correct, it is because purchases are handled server side.... I think. @DiDA, I'm adding you so you can address. Thanks!
  10. @DiDA I saw that there isn't iOS 11 support yet, but it is updated to the latest version. Is that correct? Thank you!
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