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  1. check ur inbox mate 

  2. yup see pic this only for game dumping ( unity games)
  3. Hello everyone! Today we are pleased to release MSHOOK tools to make the hooking functions easy to done by one click. I MAKE THIS TOOL TO THANKS IOSGODS I LEARNING FROM YOU MY BRO Tool Features- Do MSHOOKING FUNCTIONS FROM YOUR IPHONE OFFLINE WITH ONLY ONE CLICK. REQUIREMENT - CYDIA IMPACTOR. -OR APPCAKE , FILZA TO INSTALL IPA TOOL. HOW CAN I USE? - YOU SHOULD GET CLASS NAME , FUNCTION NAME , OFFEST OF FUNCTION , SELECET VAR TYPES INT OR FLOAT OR BOOL . - BY SIMPLE WAY YOU SHOULD FILLED THE TEXTFEILD LIKE IN PIC . BEFORE FILLED AFTER FILLED -THEN PRESS GET CODE AFTER THAT YOU CAN PASTE YOUR CODE TO TWEAK FILE. OUTPUT WILL BE LIKE THAT void (* GetCameraFOV_Update)(void *GetCameraFOV);void _GetCameraFOV_Update(void *GetCameraFOV) { *(float *)((uint64_t)GetCameraFOV + 0x12C) = 100.0f; return GetCameraFOV_Update(GetCameraFOV);} %ctor {MSHookFunction((void *)getRealOffset(0x1000000), (void *)_GetCameraFOV_Update, (void**)&GetCameraFOV_Update);} Download MSHOOK IPA FROM LINK BELLOW [Hidden Content] Credits @z2x22 in twitter @kingoffun9
  4. hi i want to ask you if you have esp source for unity game any references to learning that or any examples from GitHub etc thanks
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