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  1. Howdy @Angel7719 it’s nice to meet you, how are you?
  2. Okay thank you for telling me this
  3. Also if you don’t mind how many posts do you need to obtain membership?
  4. Sorry but what do you mean they will ban you if you over post I don’t understand sorry may someone please explain?
  5. Sorry to say but it doesn’t work on the iPad Air 2 that runs iOS 12.2 is there anyway I can fix it?
  6. @Kime well look in the bright side it’s only for now ya know it will get better soon or when you become a member!
  7. Thinking about it 1) I’d like to know the date that way I could spend time more efficiently 2) I’d like the 10 million that way I could help out my family and still have money left over to invest and do what I want in life 3) I’d take the time machine because I’d love to see what the world was like in the past and maybe influence my past self to do things differently or to avoid mistakes I made in the past and doing so for the people I care for, too.
  8. Never have you ever ridden a bull
  9. Nope don’t like alcohol the person below loves music
  10. Mystic messenger or The arcana are good visual novel games if you like those
  11. Well here is a handy tip keep commenting and posting just don’t do so with spam ya know?
  12. Hi i made the account a while ago but never really used it so I guess I’m just greeting everyone a little late so howdy!
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