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  1. Yes i think so. Still figuring out the quote thing.
  2. I’m slowly trying to climb to 10 posts. T_T
  3. 1. Date 2. 10 mill - I’d be able to buy the entire iOSgods! 3. Immortal thingy
  4. Ah that explains the chat box. Okay, thanks.
  5. If you’re using the hack from the iOSgods non-jailbroken app, use the bow because it does a crazy amount of damage
  6. Dragonuv is on the do not craft list so I imagine it just doesn’t work.
  7. Thanks, this has happened to me a lot and I used to fix it by restarting the game. This brings you out to the map.
  8. Dowloaded this app from the IOSgods non-jailbroken app, it got stuck on part of the tutorial?
  9. If the game requires an update, is there a way to keep your data and update? Like, without redownloading the app. Does the app auto update if I wait a while?
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